From " I and this ego " look " model run run " is with blame
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The near future goes out often on all sorts of media to concern “ now model run run ” (“ of the following abbreviation model ” ) controversy, controversy both sides basically launchs a debate in the light of two respects: Contrary one party, the “ when force denounce Fan Zailin highs abandons a student at disregarding ” , and consider oneself to flee for one's life only, this violated the professional morality …… of a teaching staff badly

“ is close model ” one party, reiterate again and again model the natural reaction when the practice stems from lash-up, it is instinct already, namely …… of give no cause for more criticism

■ true mental health, emphasize degree of tightness having degree, close put freely

No matter both sides employs tactics of what kind of psychology or assault and battery, everybody sees not hard, if was put in the past, the exposure of negative ” of ” of front of this kind of “ and “ does not see at all. Accordingly, the another body that disturbance of this public opinion is social progress now.

However, brawl is not a favour after all, to personal injury body, contradict external; A variety of trouble that cause leave sequela more likely to the life henceforth and job. Accordingly, we might as well the method that adopts science will anatomize this trouble, perform an operation, the problem that sees it goes after all where.

Above all, let us make a figure of speech first: If be down left-hand thumb, on the thumb face of the right hand, big toe of left hand of ——— of join of muscle of a skin is used among, represent the mankind this I; Right hand big toe, represent human ego, also call a society me. Human nature is contained in me originally, or natural, it belongs to the child, it is the part of dinkum sensibility, it is the mankind is vivid, initiative, perceptual energy, belong to “ to feed lubricious sex also the category of ” ; It not needs analysis, custom-built, standard and Jiaohua, no less than became hungry eat, like sleeping tiredly.

And ego (society I) the sociality that contains the mankind, theoretic it is to belong to adult, concern with sense of responsibility and viewpoint of value, be human reason, of training, the one side that carry out and takes a risk. Muscle of this intermediate skin rises join of or so big toe, make both makes an organic whole, attainments is the mankind exceed me, namely the total position of one individual instantly.

Can imagine: Be in this I (left big toe) below immobile premise, if ego (right big toe) leave too far, and force is too powerful, so this skin muscle can stretch tight very closely, as time passes, can lose flexibility not only, and once loosen,come down, resilient leather muscle can lay left hand heavily (this I) because of,——— has how many person career defeat, school work not beautiful, life is frustrated, and in the heart firm firm ground flogs oneself, commit suicide because of this even also there is no lack of its person. Because do not have,also have how many person become a hero and deep and self-condemned. Because bowstring stretchs tight too closely,have how many person again, and the flexibility that lost itself, bring about body and mind to also do not prop up …… again
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