The bewilderment of psychological advisory division and comprehend
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(the person call in that thanks me agrees to let me cite their case, the full name in article is alias)

The person that face those who will appeal to call in for the first time when me when, is what thinking all the time in the head how I just can help him? When be being narrated slowly with anguish when his bewilderment oneself, used the time that is less than half hour only, I had understood his problem is in, began oneself advisory help immediately, arrive from the analysis proposal, arrive from thinking behavior, half Xiaoshi that remain basically is I am talking, the person that call in also listens so that nod again and again. When seeking advice from an end this, the thank of the person that visit makes I had a kind of achievement to feel in sound, also can't help be being gotten secretly in the heart meaning.
This person that call in did not undertake the 2nd times advisory, I think I had helped him solve a problem all the time, until discover he seeks advice from division office to still be in in another one day when seeking advice, especially he had sought advice 78 times over when, I just discover before is not the problem that he solve him, however he gives me " solve " .
For this, I am bemused unceasingly!
For this, I must seek superintend and director to guide!
From now on, I just discover seeking advice so is not an imagination to let a person be full of achievement to feel in that way!
From now on, I just understand gradually, so oneself also are not original those who see in that way one each oneself!
All everything, result from the person that I do not understand those appealing truly before, prep let alone understands them truly. More important is, I in those days also do not understand myself, more do not understand oneself.
After 7 years now, when I face the different person that call in again, I won't have been eager to going again reason and conclusion, won't seek a means hurriedly to them more, raise a proposal, because I had known, the person that takes opposite me does not resemble what the surface sees can be being understood so easily in that way, the problem that encounter also what he narrates unlike in that way so simple. Because become us to be when the person that advisory room looks arrival to visit, the feeling that had had pair of person that call in (projectile) , this is just like two cups of water, advisory division is a cup, the person that call in is a cup, but already not was clear water. If call in person water is red, the water of advisory division is green, so mix by color when generation is projectile for should be black. If seek advice from division not to know he is of green at this moment, he can judge the other side is black. If seek advice from division to know he is of green, so the person that he calls in with respect to meeting judgement is red, this ability is him person that call in. And this need advisory division understands him ground very, because understood oneself only, just see well may more clearly the other side, ability won't be as worry as the person that call in when seek advice, force oneself problem be on body of the other side and harmed the person that call in.
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