Step down altar
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Fuluoyide once had said, human throughout history ever had endured great disgrace 3 times, it is the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, pulled the mankind from the altar of dictate universe; It is Darwinian Darwinism the 2nd, pulled the mankind from the altar of dictate earth; The 3rd, it is psychoanalysis theory, pulled the mankind from the altar of ego dictate. And in us in heart psychoanalysis psychotherapy grooms inside the class even outside the class, different level land is enduring a lot of people or experience what cause by psychoanalysis place " the 3rd great disgrace " . Somebody is analogy of psychoanalysis figure ground " before the person one layer upon layer ground strips off the dress " . That is to say people by analyst institute susceptive " discreditable " be equal at in public by disrobe " discreditable " . Consequently, groom in the group of psychoanalysis in, every member wants to solve the problem that he encounters in the job from inside introducing his case, in other words, shuck off the patient's dress only namely, meanwhile, subliminal fear and defense are other group member or superintend and director guides move instead to its the analysis of affection, be unclothed in public with making sure oneself are not faced with the dress as far as possible " discreditable " . And apropos and as contrary as its desire, although by every means cloak, other group member the clues that the discharge in the process that passes through report ill case however shows hammer and tongs from each angle the resistance of oneself of reporter of analytic defect case, defence, and move instead affection, ruthless one layer upon layer unclothe his " the dress " . Such, the group will become the psychoanalysis to speaker subliminally to the patient's psychoanalysis. Then, appeared a kind of very peculiar phenomenon: Everybody tries to be in the position of analyst, go analysing (or unclothe) the patient in the case, the member that be the same as the group of the group, superintend and director guides teacher also cannot escape by sheer luck, this kind can be caused to the person be equal at what unrig in public " the 3rd great disgrace " even the member that disaster reached the other group outside psychoanalysis group. And be analysed (or be unclothed) person be in be analysed (or be unclothed) scared, angst, depressed, grief, with anger in, be forced to take defense stance thereby, ' rationalize ' conversational means is not Chang Cheng to go consequently, or, flat the means that uses passive attack, be the same as to aggressor copy, retaliate psychoanalysis with psychoanalysis, you will pare my dress, so, I also pare your dress. The result is, there is the atmosphere of a kind of battle it seems that between psychoanalysis small inter block and psychoanalysis group and other group, inside psychoanalysis group, analyst was become attack square, was become by analyst defend square; In across block, psychoanalysis group and its member were become attack square, other group extremely the member was become defend square.
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