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Since our country since executing psychology to seek advice from division country qualification to take an exam, appear at a draught will go up 10 thousand psychology seek advice from division (not professional doctor of non-standard also psychology of a general designation) , a lot of people have huge interest to this profession, psychology seeks advice make industry of a rising sun, appear to be able to compare good profession as really.

The fact has misdirect. Psychology seeks advice can saying is the product that social height develops certain period, we although compare,go now development, progress is very much, future also offers psychology seek advice from a career a very good foreground, but actual condition is to not allow blind and hopeful.

The vocational level that we do not say to psychology seeks advice from division first how, also do not talk about individual quality. Regard a profession as the premise of existence, psychology seeks advice from division to need you to have economically base, it is theoretic otherwise perhaps imagine.

What difficulty or bewilderment do they encounter?

Above all, we still take the degree of mental hygiene seriously to the whole people without development. From the point of the idea that prevent and develops, everybody needs to seek advice, when should encountering the setback of the life prep let alone. But will look with respect to countrywide limits, 90% population do not have this real need, this is academic number merely.

The majority that can take to advisory room is more serious, issue of the neurosis that includes all sorts of types, character, it is depressed disease even (light / in degree) . What they need to accept commonly is to medication with psychotherapy, very few and pure rely on to seek advice to be able to be solved.

Psychology seeks advice cannot be examined to the person above commonly. Because they are not doctors, without prescription authority and diagnose and treat authority. Person of this one part should belong to psychotherapy division actually or the business category of mental family doctor. Although the major servicing limits of mental family doctor is not in this one, but also include among them. Psychotherapy and seek advice without strict limit, they can be done, just they are most now the mode effect that suffers biology medicine is bigger, plus collect fees small effect, involve commonly not much not deep also. If they were solved in the future,the idea is restricted with what collect fees, they are the jobs that pursue this respect gladly necessarily.

Such looking, advisory division cannot begin the work with the limits cross the border of government medical science (the majority that lives now in fact had exceeded this limit, look to come out apparently from inside everybody's opinion on public affairs) , but mental family doctor is restricted to having this hardly, especially the bounds that psychotherapy activity respect did not make clear.
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