Of psychological world subjective with objective
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What speak of here is subjective, point to the viewpoint of main body itself namely, objective, it is the viewpoint of object, other, outside. A lot of people often the ” with the ” with objective “ and true “ , be equal rise, what fall in this kind of circumstance is objective, often have “ to eliminate the connotation of the true ” that factitious element disturbs, the ” that often uses “ science is measured, the objective description that accurate instrument, neutral position sets out is waited a moment, and, everybody thinks normally, such objective ability is true and authentic. But, up to now, we also did not discover a kind of any methods, can be measured truly and survey a person's real heart world. Tremendous amount of of psychological measurement technique, and, still a lot of people are fond of the psychological measurement technique with new development. In medical bound, everybody is accepted, when if a kind of disease has,treating a method numerously, explain this kind of disease cannot be treated normally. Then, ave lane sticks the treats the incurable disease such as tumor cancer only small advertisement like full dogskin plaster. So, the numerous and same suggestion of psychological measurement technique, without what scientific psychology is measured, can know the inner world of a person truly. The psychotherapy division with real neither one, the person that will understand those who sit opposite you to call in deep is measured in support heart. Be based on such reality just about, produce the agnosticism that gives world of a kind of psychology, think us forever of unintelligible psychology world true, because science cannot measure psychology. But, I think, “ is inside psychological world, subjective be more than objective ” , even more extreme dot says: “ is in in the heart inside the world, subjective is objective ” . We carry our subjective world, know psychological world of the mankind, subjective, just is to enlighten a bright lamp of psychological world, shortcut that is an afferent manage world. Whether to admit the importance of subjective sex in psychological world and core sex, it is the essential mark that measures division of a cure to whether mature.

When the person that call in when sits before psychotherapy division, he can have ” of a lot of alleged “ unreality or the ” affection of “ twist, consciousness, with behavior, from “ objective angle ” is told, be do not accord with with reality, it is not objective, be a mistake, need is corrected. But the angle of the person that visit is told, these affection or all his behavior react, be the growing environment accord with him and experience, it is true, objective. For instance, one is together with the man the girl of beyond the mark in fear and trembling, we can feel she too nervily, but inside the home in this girl, the interactive mode just of the girl and father is such, father passes projectile self-identity, infect the insecurity to the daughter to the daughter, she also can agree with a mechanism through projectile sex, this kind interactive mode “ infects ” to give her the man all round, then, when she and almost all man are together, can appear I see the “ that the fatidical ” that she passes “ self-fulfilment can prove they are nervous, they are nervous also, we are mutual …… of nervous, interact, I am an indecent woman, be like me to be in accost they. ” typical symptom. This is a female in the common heart that fears male disease kinetic mechanism. Of the person that an understanding “ calls in subjective the remedial division that is objective and true ” , won't offer the advice of such ask a question or grandma type absolutely: What dreariness does ” man have? Fasten insecurity! It is normal that the man likes a woman! The man does not have reaction to you, you fasten insecurity. These see ” seem objective view, the reason that is remedial division actually and logic are subjective, it is objective least of all, true least of all, it is the expression that did not sympathize with heart and professional accomplishment most. This mirrorred remedial division to lack understanding to human nature on one hand, reflecting treatment on the other hand is those who lack pair of person that call in is true in all affection. So, a real remedial division, be the first and often be exclusive the person of the authenticity with the subjective person that an unfeignedly believes to call in and objectivity, he is completely true (is not affectedly) the anguish that place of the person that believe to call in describes is experienced and experience. Those arouse these affective “ ” of familial history character, already inside the inner world that changes the person that arrival is visited, it is the actual figure of world of heart of the person that call in, the person that call in is in and the important history character of him heart world is dialog, interactive.
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