"Right now here " make treatment
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Constant somebody so ask me: Doctor Ni, I want to do psychotherapy, but I want to understand a situation first, is you can tell me you are specific how make treatment? Here I am not discussed so the psychology of the backside of inquiry is kinetic meaning, because this is not the article,consider demonstrative issue.

Before I had not become doctor of a psychology truly, I also want to know this problem very much, I once puzzled for this, "How one individual come to an agreement or understanding? " want to be able to 't help can'ting help laughing a bit now, the psychotherapy on real significance has the thing that fixed program changes very hard to let psychological doctor be done step-by-steply.

Hard to avoid meets here rise in revolt should ask someone: Who says, is behavior treatment changed with respect to special program?

Yes, really unusual order turns behavior treatment and can operate, and I am not repellent also between cure it, but I do not anounce too old flame to it, I regard it as only in my cure now and then need to use " auxiliary tool " , it is not the mainstream all the time among the cure in me. Because behavior treatment is,cannot go to what go in inner world of the individual deep, with cannot the therapeutics of world of thorough person heart goes helping one individual heart grow is idiotic nonsense simply then; Very few visibility is among my cure change the thing with maneuverability to the program.
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