How to avoid the homiletic problem in psychotherapy
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Psychotherapy middling often can see or hear division of a few cure do not take care to face towards theirs of party " dialog " or " language " became " homiletic "------I consider this issue and many seeing, even if is in deep endowment cure also happens from time to tome on division body. To this problem, the author was made a few " think " , take now discuss with the person of the same trade:

In one psychology advisory cure, why can you appear " homiletic " feeling?

(1) treats division to did not enter psychotherapy truly " the door " . Know reaching technics with control psychological theory is not very much, face the problem of party, especially the remedial division with a bit older age is in when facing youthful party, extremely easy buy of psychotherapy " regular " at disregarding, and take his life earning and experience with party " quite " or " share " . Of course this kind of method has possibly to party certain " inspire " meaning-----But party feeling comes, the likelihood has one to plant " homiletic " flavour. To remedial effect, its what be in charge of to preach, should invite party only " ameliorate " go; But to treating division personal growth comes, appear bad so. Everybody can be experienced at this point.

(2) cure division was entered " the door " , but ran " backyard " . -----Going too far as bad as not going far enough! They think they worked old, have very rich qualifications and record of service and experience, accordingly they are in involuntary in----The pace that walk is stridden square, the cheek drive up that sees a person, the raise on talking cadence... . Ah, arrived psychology seeks advice from cure-----He not only in consciousness " say " , subconscious in still thinking " religion " . Oh, do division of this kind of psychotherapy and you chat what can you experience? self-evident? !

(3) " I understand, you do not understand " . Some remedial division are in when facing a few person that call in, consciousness or subconscious in a kind of idea arises spontaneously-----"I understand, you do not understand " . See the person that call in as oneself, more apparent or this kind of opinion is strong; See level and oneself are about the same or stronger than oneself, can care about knowledge or subconscious in saying, say with oneself " in psychological aspect, I am more than what you understand " , because this is when psychotherapy, he is met the likelihood is shown innocently of purpose " homiletic " flavour. Itself of advisory division of this kind of psychology may have one to plant " complex " . This not conscious and not undone complex makes him not self-conscious when advisory cure the ground came out with respect to expression.
So good psychology seeks advice from division best can become aware and the complex in solving him heart-----Seek advice from him division to get at least " conscious " to it, this appear very important sometimes. No longer wordy hereat.
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