Man and mother
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The male is in the ego development of life, have 3 certain level, it is mother love above all. The feeling of mother and child puts in a kind of nature, the close tie on physiology, be in especially lactation. The mother gives a man with life, and Fu Yuxin manages and the warmth of two respects, enjoyment mixes physiology pleased, the man is the first power that life expands to maternal attaching. The first time of life, the affinity between man and mother often can affect his lifetime, the demand to mother love and satisfy the comfortable, safe feeling that makes he is obtained, acquire good affection communication way, good ego self-identity and perfect individual character thereby. After be brought up, form the good faith to the society, self-identity easily also, good comfortable stress and contend for force unexpectedly, form concern with the good feeling when coexist of the opposite sex, family.

Mother love also has positive effect to intellective development of the male, decide the viewpoint of value of man lifetime and world outlook possibly even. Psychologist flourish case often leans close in the mother to conceive mom of pleasant to the ear to tell the myth of a few east and religious story in one's childhood, this makes him sensitive and abound illusion. The concept that when exploration is subconscious he takes the soul and intent seriously founded the theory with involuntary collective, also affect as a result of what accept theory of Chinese yin and yang, he takes the opposite concept in character seriously more than Fuluoyide, put forward subconscious it is idea with recognizant each other, think psychological traceable is Oriental.

The 2nd when the male develops important period is to be after two years old, father loves intervene begin a pine to see a parent child the affection coupling between, father's job is to want the mother that each other be passionately in love wears to be pulled open beside the boy, make of mother love include, replace do not develop to the individual character that flooded the boy. To the male, 2-5 year old during it is danger of " of a psychology " period, the male wants experience and the suspense with detached mother, of the anger to father and Oedipus complex subconscious change. Separative angst is a kind of psychology ablactations, it broke the accrete relation of man and mother, make the progress of male self-awareness. Depart makes inside proper time the male is strengthened to maternal attaching, fuluoyide lends the Edi in ancient Greek mythology the story that Pu Si kills father to love a parent, it is extend the meaning of this kind of attaching the male to be pointed to to maternal sexual desire. But modern thinks, the male is a kind of pleasure and safe demand actually to maternal attaching, the bosom that drives a mother out of the male resembles wanting poison of pothead give up a bit.
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