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Bask in income to bask in a depressed disease -- disrelish oneself trashy he does not get up 5 days

Go close to visit friend during the Spring Festival, everybody sits together hard to avoid can be told case last year income circumstance of a year, most person may have talked to also calculate. Carry on is promoted a boy differs however, because of this topic, he lay on the bed in the first month of the lunar year full 5 days, often still weep secretly.

   Year income 30 thousand, he disrelishs himself trashy

At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year one that day, a batch of guest came in the home, have a few cousin among them, following Xiaowang is brought up together. When sitting together to chat, everybody discusses the income case that had his, their income compares Xiaowang to be close friends, among them of a cousin the gross income that award compares small Wang Yinian end of the year is even high. What did Xiaowang say at that time, just laugh.

Who knows them to go, xiaowang lies on the bed, look woebegone look, still weep secretly sometimes. Parents asks him how, xiaowang says he is trashy, be an upright person uninteresting. From first begin in the evening, arrive all the time first 5, xiaowang lay 5 days full, do not be willing to rise all the time.

This pair of his appearance makes family so urgent that turn all round, the festive atmosphere that spend the New Year also was done not have.

   After lying 5 days, get out of bed eventually

Listen to what small Wang Fu kisses to tell about, the author expresses to want to look for Xiaowang to talk face to face.

At first, how is Xiaowang also willing to see a person, persuade in father's iteration below, xiaowang is willing to meet eventually. In chatting, author understanding compares introversion to small king individual character, farouche, what learn in the university is economic management, graduation makes foreign trade in a few companies early or late later, but concern as a result of individual character, cannot enter working state well all the time, income is belonged to in the company lower.

Those who make small Wang Youji afflictive is, the achievement when a few his brother-in-law read follows him about the same, a few people had been not taken an examination of attend a college, who knows they are earned now more than him, let him feel very afflictive.

"I am really trashy, how be inferior to others everywhere. " Xiaowang sits on the bed, complain oneself.

Those who listened to Xiaowang tell about, the author persuades him to want to get up steam, the situation of each industry income that understands oneself tells him to listen, and path of help sb to get over his worries: "Just had a job, year of 30 thousand multivariate income also do not calculate low, complete need not so self-abased. Although now circumstance very flooey, also should be not arranged temporarily and dejected. Also should be not arranged temporarily and dejected..
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