Spring, do not let additional kind heavy wander
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The winter goes spring come, spring is the season of flourishing of everythings on earth, however the gene inducing disease of depressed disease is unusually active also. Why does instead cause spring easily depressed disease? The expert analyses so: The much hair that spring is disease of of all kinds spirit period, depressed disease is not exceptional also. Spring sunshine and air temperature change are bigger, affect the person's mood easily, a few petty thing that do not have an eye originally, catch up with this season to be able to cause the not stable element in the mood. So the expert is advocated come in early spring when, want to pay close attention to the mental health of oneself and family, do not make a mood too fluctuant, once discover oneself and domestic person are invigorative the symptom of the respect, should reach a hospital in time go to a doctor.

Say commonly, disposition compares indrawn, disagreement group, not talktive, go to alone come alone, dissocial person contracts depressed disease more easily, he (she) people ferial in tacitter, like to wallow in in the inner world in oneself, do not wish to interact with the person. But the expert also admonishs: Disposition is not critical factor, a few incident that break out temporarily bring about the person with optimistic disposition possibly also to be in depressed condition. Look for others actively to pour out rarely at the person of depressed condition, a lot of elements restricted them. If the person all round is careful observation, find the depressed disease symptom that appears on their body not hard, their certain action has collective place. Look from medical angle, they are “ patient ” , but no matter themselves still is the family member beside,unfortunate is, do not have relevant medical common sense, did not realize same life to them it is how different ……

As life rhythm accelerate, the change of structure of competitive aggravate, economy, a variety of spirit diseases and psychogenic disorder all show ascendant trend, constitute potential menace to human health. The findings report of disease of global laborer spirit that international Labour Organization publishs points out, the whole world shares 339 people to contract depressed disease; Forecast according to World Health Organization, to 2010, in before world seniority 15 disease, mental disease should occupy 5 kinds, and depressed disease is this first 5 kinds, it is human death and the 2nd disease that cause damage; To the female, it is ” of killer of “ number one. When this spring comes, the spirit that pays close attention to oneself and domestic person please is healthy, do not let “ killer ” wander beside.

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