Attributive feeling and depressed disease
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Researcher gives 31 seriousDepressed diseasePatient and 379 students of community college send a questionnaire, on the problem such as feeling of the attributive sense that questionnaire content basically concentrates in mentally, net of human relations in society and social territory, conflict, doleful feeling. Investigate discovery, attributive feeling is a person what experience depressed disease possibly is best forecast an agent. Attributive move is small it is a person is immersed in depressed main index.

Be in early Spring 1998, american psychological expert says or state with certainty: Advance what commercialize a process as China ceaselessly, psychological disease lives to oneself and browbeat healthily, will be more than the physiology disease that perplexes a Chinese all the time far.

Depressed disease with mood low for main feature, its expression is: To daily activity and the crowd all round and thing, lose interest; energy to drop apparently, appear the arrearage of thinking of durative tired; that does not have a reason, mental activity reduces; ego to had evaluated low, generation compunctious feeling, sink is self-condemned in; is at a loss what to do before difficulty, inappetence of; of can find no way out, human bodyAngular; or insomnia or be addicted to sleep; sexual desire drops apparently; can appear dead thought or the action that have the suicide.

Afore-mentioned expression are wraparound rise even if on the thought rootless, confidence is lost on the life, do not have to relatives and friends care feeling. In the final analysis is attributive feeling not strong.

Attributive feeling basically behaves not by force for: The job that pursues to oneself lacks passion, sense of responsibility is not strong; social circle is narrow, amateur of not much; gives birth to the friend work is drab, lack interest to like; not to like to read read a newspaper, do not pay attention to derive the physical training with necessary lack of all sorts of intellectual nutrition; .

We might as well contrast with afore-mentioned expression the way of life that examines oneself and behavior standard, make the judgement that whether is reserved in psychological disease to suffer from next. If had the sign of depressed disease, had better go looking for psychological doctor to seek advice.

The society is in transition period, depressed disease is minatory compatriots mental health, this is not exaggerate sth just to scare people, we should be treated seriously, fasten a depressed disease undeserved return a responsibility, should as soon as possible effects a radical cure.

Anxiety still needs heart drug to treat, be far from depressed disease, must establish correct philosophy, have deep love for the job, care relatives and friends, increase social activity, foster hobby, strengthen mental, physical strength to take exercise, make oneself life is full of fun. Enhance attributive sense, depressed disease just won't patronage you.
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