Menace of depressed on Sunday disease resides a men and women alone
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"On SundayDepressed disease" since psychologyDiseaseAlso be social disease. The most important is inextricability on Sunday " want to do what and what should do " conflict of this one psychology, husband and wife is long-term two ground live and lone the immediate cause that be being resided alone is depressed disease generation.

If people assigned aborad, other place works a group of things with common features, different land deal person, arrive on Sunday, holiday sees all round the family reunites, share family happiness, fretted mood can be highlighted particularly, often can produce hostile psychology.

Similar phenomenon also happens from time to tome in a few special professions, if worker of mariner, geological exploration, artesian well, police waits, because working property is different, on Sunday, holiday rests random law, both sides of husband and wife cannot be together constantly, be like person meaning very much plus working environment, malcontent nowhere abreacts in the heart, form psychological weigh finally.

   "Depressed on Sunday disease " settlement way:

One, rise early, write a letter or hit a phone to give distant placeSpouse.

2, the individual interest that develops a few good body and mind.

3, go out to travel or enter a few social activities.

4, talk about confabulate with close friend bosom friend.

5, the housework that becomes a few in one's power.

6, should see psychology when necessaryDoctor.

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