The depressed disease that is aware of not easily
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Total in the person's lifetime meeting has period of time to live in depressed in, depressed mental state is the experience of a kind of sadness, distress or depressed mood, namely the " discomfort vivid " that we often say.

It is concerned with a lot of spirit and body disease not only, and have close relationship with a lot of elements of society and external environment. Be like: Feud of problem of impoverished, unemployed, marriage, family, aged and disable wait to all can be causedDepressed disease. The person that has depressed mental state is adjusted through proper ego and psychotherapy, can correct. Develop certain level when depressed mental state only, have the main feature of depressed disease, last for some time, when the study that affects oneself, job and life, just make depressed disease. That is to say, depressed do not be equal to depressed disease, but depressed be adjusted not in time and treat, it is to be able to develop those who make depressed disease.

Depressed disease patient is won't active commonly go up of the hospital, accordingly, have very big concealment quality.

The burst; that because be opposite,causes a family possibly is opposite the patient to working attention is not centered and often make mistake a few careers of; have, the life gets the very rich person that succeed too, also can be on suicidal road because of depressed disease. The concealment of depressed disease the gender is the devil that endangers patient life.

Accordingly, when slack of somebody occurrence expression, woebegone, lazy speech is little all round us move, the mood is low, right all round the thing does not have the expression such as interest to amount to two weeks of above, whether to contract depressed disease with respect to Lv of take an examination, should persuade its to see psychological doctor, so that inchoate discovery, seasonable cure, avoid to produce an accident.

In the life of contemporary fast rhythm, the incidence of a disease of depressed disease can be added gradually tall, people should learn to get used to a society, train oneself good state of mind, will cope with the incident of all sorts of arise suddenly and harm, walk along; ego to solve inconvenient person from inside depressed mental state as soon as possible, answer to look for psychological doctor in time, accept the treatment of psychological doctor, the " that helps next bypassing that patience of family of tortuous path; accepts domestic member in the doctor talks about " , also be the " of " a magic weapon that prevents depressed disease.

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