Postpartum and depressed disease cannot treat sth lightly
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According to statistic, our country has 50% ~ the primipara of 70% is in postpartum become low, easy angst, attention centers the mood hard, too forgetful, sadness, insomnia, afraid to the baby, serious person can appear depressed disease. But this kind of change is ignored easily by the person all round, include the husband, mother-in-law, mother and close friends.

   Easy feeling element

Abroad had corresponding findings report early 1968. The incidence of a disease of postpartum and depressed disease that reports at that time is 10.8% , had shown postpartum and depressed disease is the disease with a kind of very high incidence of a disease. According to estimation, 200 times of the incidence of a disease of woman of gestation of dispute of incidence of a disease of postpartum and depressed disease.

In recent years, our country begins to undertake study to postpartum and depressed disease. The result makes clear, have 10% ~ the puerpera of 20% is in postpartum appear rate of literacy of depressed disease; living environment of low, family incidence of a disease of puerpera of cat-and-dog of undesirable, husband and wife is apparent prep above is depressed the average incidence of a disease of disease. In addition, unripe girl sicken scale of the puerpera is apparent prep above gives birth to the boy puerpera.

   Have He Xianzhao

At ordinary times the female with sensitivity, perfect pursuit, compare incidental postpartum and depressed disease. If before Morpheus is normal, postpartum occurrence insomnia, angst, self-conscious ability issues demote, ought to cause all round the family member's attention. In addition, the scar that childbirth brings, endocrine happening is disorder, take care of a new student overworked and insecurity, can have the effect of add fuel to the fire to the happening of postpartum and depressed disease.

   Have what symptom

Postpartum and depressed disease happens in more postpartum 2 weeks inside, postpartum 4 ~ the 6 symptoms inside week gradually apparent. Puerpera expression is mood depression, depressed, feeling dim, do not wish to communicate with the person, produce estrangement with the husband even. Some puerperas lack confidence to the life, family, shed those who show opposite work to be tired of, appetite drops apparently. Still can accompany have dizziness, have a headache, the heartbeat is accelerated, breath increases, constipation, unresponsive to the thing, attention is centered not easily etc. Serious person can appear thinking obstacle, covet be persecutinged, appear even baby or suicidal behavior.

   How to treat

The cure of postpartum and depressed disease includes psychology and medication.

Psychotherapy is treated this very be necessary, can enhance self-confident heart of the patient, enhance self-worth sense of the patient. In the meantime, the doctor can be mixed according to character trait of the patient, mentation hair cause of disease because, give individual the psychological dredge that change, remove psychology delivers pathogeny vegetable.
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