Treat way of aggrandizement of depressed disease ego
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To the cure of melancholia, have medication, have psychotherapy, and psychotherapy is the most important. One of effective methods of psychotherapy are " ego " of seasonable aggrandizement law.

Method of this kind of psychotherapy is to drawing the generation on the theory that square psychology seeks advice from the thing and the foundation in long-term practice. Its theory foundation is: Some people sufferred from melancholia, basically be them themselves the result of ceaseless to oneself negative sentiment and behavior aggrandizement, if do exactly the opposite, ceaselessly in time him aggrandizement positive sentiment and behavior, blue composition is met less and less, disappear finally.

"Ego is seasonable of aggrandizement law " specific carry out as follows:

The first, hold to normal activity.

Some patients can go to work normally originally, can do chore normally, do not go to work however, do not do even chore even. This is very harmful. Feel oneself are trashy more so more. The patient is actually capable to finish working job, capable to do well housework. Want what should work to insist to work only, oneself mood increasingly won't low.

The 2nd, plan to take superabundant land surely.

Sleep in the evening everyday previously, what will the consideration do tomorrow. What the plan cannot decide is too tall, also do not want too low, take superabundant land adequately. Can complete a plan smoothly everyday so. This is the " that people says normally jumps to be able to pick fructification to come " .

The 3rd, seasonable him affirmation.

Sleep in the evening everyday previously, want the grade that affirms oneself adequately one day when this is about to go and progress, do not say inactive thing. Can keep a diary best, note good experience, progress, result to the diary. Write down a diary so every day, feel the life will be more and more interesting.

The 4th, do not talk about negative stuff to relatives and friends, relatives and friends also does not listen inactive the way one speaks or what he says of the patient. This is not not to sympathize with a patient, main is relatives and friends listen to a patient to talk about negative stuff, meeting aggrandizement they are good talk about negative stuff.

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