Careful attention old people is despondent disease
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According to statistic, the scale that contracts depressed disease in the meet with in old age of 55 years old of above can be as high as 10 % - 15 % , among them some patient symptoms carry out commit suicide very badly even, consequently the mortality of patient of senile and depressed disease can come high unexpectedly 30 % .

Like patient of young and depressed disease, the reason appears namely when patient of senile and depressed disease comes on unidentified and continuously the mood of 2 weeks of above is low with dismay, from suffer a disastrous decline of sense state of mind, till drop into cereal bottom. Among them put in order of the most typical the Beginning of Spring is 10 thousand read aloud ash, mix to the life, job the hobby previously all disinclination. Gradually, patient of senile and depressed disease appears possibly still more serious also than young patient more body symptom, include among them:

Serious insomnia. Originally the old person with nice Morpheus can become suddenly enter Mian hard, but although fall asleep but wake prematurely, or fall asleep finish feels oneself again did not fall asleep (namely so called " Morpheus feeling is lost " ) , take the medicaments that fights a neurasthenia to often be without the effect right now.

Constipation. Originally the old person with normal defecate can become hard defecate, can close form a week badly, still can accompany at the same time with a variety of digestive obstacles, if appetite is decreased greatly,do not think food completely even, some still appears the symptom such as abdominal distension, halitosis.

The heart and vessels is unusual. Patient of senile and depressed disease often appears blood pressure in elevatory, heartbeat symptom of fast or certain coronary heart disease.

Anonymous and aching: Depressed disease patient is in partial old age the body symptom such as occurrence insomnia, constipation, heart-throb while, return meeting occurrence such as to have a headache, the backache of aching, waist, arthralgia symptom that gives priority to in order to ache, and the patient forbids with saying. The patient takes anodyne to no effect, but take fight depressed medicine to be able to alleviate again sorely, disappear.

Be worth what carry is, afore-mentioned mental symptoms and body symptom but periodic fit, when be being weighed when light, even if is in same day, juncture weight also can differ, generally speaking, heavier in the morning, and lighter in the evening. Along with the development of the illness, especially mental obstacle also is met more and more apparent, incorporate is: Sharp alone move and dismay feel, memory, eye, decision and study ability drop greatly, love cries, do not wish to see a person (even if is kiss friend to love) , possibly still more and more intense suicide attempts to begin to carry out commit suicide to plan even, lead to disastrous consequence extremely possibly finally.
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