Teenage depressed disease has 6 kinds of show
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Incidence of a disease of teenage depressed disease in recent years hasten rises, but people still is to this disease " do not know a the truth of sth. " . A psychologist ever was opposite 62 15 - 23 years old " come examine " had made investigation at the teenage patient of psychological specialized subject, the result shows adolescent oneself identifying rate is almost " 0 " , the identifying to this disease leads the school, family, society to be not worth 1 % on average, the identifying of a few polyclinics is led control for 15 % only.

A variety of expression of teenage depressed disease, in the eye that is not specialized subject personage, with thought moral character, character issue photograph is promiscuous, or by accident examine offers sex of hematic inadequacy, nerve to have a headache for the head, the disease such as neurasthenic, schizophrenia, cardiovascular system and digestion. But say natively to psychological cure, these semiotic just are the particularity expression of teenage depressed disease, to diagnose with differentiate provided important basis.

Teenage symptom is Baconian rise, basically have 6 kinds of show:

One, the mood is low the ideal that faces achieved goal, implementation, plain sailing level road, adolescent does not have happy situation, feel sadness and anguish instead. If take an examination of,attend famous brand college woebegone however, worry is heavy, think back out. Some is in during university study, often without reason runs toward the home, think suspend one's schooling leaves school.

2, the body is unwell the patient is average the age is lesser, won't state affection issue, what say the body to go up only is certain and unwell. If some children often use a hand to raising a head, say to have a headache dazed; Some is covering with the hand bosom, say to breathe difficulty; Some saying that seem to have a thing in voice, influence deglutition. Their " ill " it seems that very heavy, show change chronically, or break out repeatedly, but made inspection of a lot of medicine, did not discover what problem again, took a lot of drug, "Ill " still do not have improving evidence.

3, undesirable suggestion basically behaves in two respects: Be subconscious layer, can bring about physiology obstacle. If the patient arrives in school doorway, classroom, wait feebly with respect to sensory dizziness, disgusting, bellyacke, limbs, should leave this specific environment, in returning the home, everything normal. Another kind is recognizant layer, go to only negative go guessing. If think exam achievement is not ideal oneself; Oneself won't interact with the person; Think certain way is a kind of mistake oneself, caused a trouble to others; Oneself ill likelihood is " mental disease " , it is really " mental disease " how to do etc.

4, malajustment may cross a few contradiction in school happening, essential perhaps with respect to reason of it doesn't matter, the patient feels located heavy pressure of the environment, often distracted, sullen, cannot set his mind at to learn, pressing requirement parents thinks way for its, move relief class, school or working unit. Should reach a new place really, the patient's condition did not improve subsequently, can have reason and excuse additionally instead, still think the environment fares badly, ask to change repeatedly.
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