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The university entrance exam ended, the process with next volunteer fill in a form and submit it to the leadership also is met very nervous, psychological expert warns the parent

Through two days fight bravely, battle of this the university entrance exam ended most candidate for an entrance examination eventually, this is a fight that planned 12 years. When the battle ends, most examinee and parent feel clinking to free oneself. International registers psychology to seek advice from division association standing director, jilin saves 10 thousand favour lady of 10 thousand favour warns chief of mental health research center examinee and parent, after taking an examination of, want to be loosened appropriately, but cannot do not have measure.

   Stay up late get online orgiastic not desirable

8 days, zhangtong learns door of an examination room, came with the mom that comes round to receive oneself a hug. Ask with mom subsequently, want to go to classmate home seeing European cup in the evening, will come home again tomorrow. Although mom hopes very much,bring gift to well after the university entrance exam a while child, but still say: “ exam had ended, you think how with respect to how. 10 thousand favour of ” say, this is in the family that has candidate for an entrance examination very common, the university entrance exam ends, examinee people it is the oldest hero, then examinee people the party is orgiastic, stay up late get online these are ferial li of unreasonable requirement, looking in the parent now is “ excusable ” . The parent is paid because of what child of take pity on is the university entrance exam, mostly silent assents. 10 thousand favour emphasize, such practice cannot be taken very, because be in the time that is as long as a year many, examinee to prepare for war the university entrance exam already nurturance certain habits and customs, if short-term inside change habit can let the body be harmed.

The parent should pay attention to pair of child psychology dredge

Differ with most examinee, after Song Tongxue gave examination room, appear very grouchy, the father that will receive him thinks the mouth does not have conversation however a few times. Because a few examinee feel him exam develops insufficient ideal, and in the condition that is immersed in angst of more close Zhanghe after take an examination of.

10 thousand favour warn examinee and parent, no matter result how, want to be treated with gentle state of mind. The fill in a form and submit it to the leadership after because this year is,be being taken an examination of is volunteer, accordingly a few examinee still do not have loosened feeling after take an examination of. To a few sensitive at ordinary times, introversion, worry compares heavy child parent to want to notice dredge. If not be willing for long to communicate with others and be communicated, the parent should consult professional personage.
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