Do not become depressed disease character flaw
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1, depressed disease is the psychological disease with likely everybody.

It cannot explain you are small-minded, also cannot explain inferior or your character is feebleminded. Anyhow, depressed disease and cold do not have any distinction, it is a kind of common disease only. So, if you or your family member got depressed disease, must not feel shameful or inferior to others, as if what to do guilty issue is average. Actually, neurasthenic basically be depressed disease, since we say we were gotten bravely neurasthenic, why cannot tell others, did oneself get depressed disease? This is an idea problem purely.

2, depressed disease can cure.

This are very important, because take,went up because of depressed disease patient blinkers, often pessimistic despair, attempt to kill oneself even. Actually, this is the not rational thought below not rational condition, the person that all curing misses his original feeling later, can feel comical. So, if you contracted depressed disease, tell oneself, my mood caught a cold, my mood is having a fever now, return meeting sneeze, very painful now, but should eat bit of medicine to had been met only.

3, depressed disease and mental division areTwoThing.

Depressed disease can cure, and mental division basically is cured very hard, and can have a relapse. Depressed disease also won't develop to break up for spirit. You are depressed, the specification is not mental division, cong Mou is planted the signal with one says this is good on degree.
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