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International nurse section pays close attention to a nurse " live condition "
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"5-12 " international nurse section. Authoritative orgnaization is the closest on a net " nurse questionnaire is investigated " show, the person of 89% thinks nurse actuating pressure is very great, the nurse of 79% is dissatisfactory to his social class. Nurse the current situation of the bound after all how? What does current nurse yearn for most? Eve of nurse section arrival, the reporter undertook special subject is investigated.

[The current situation]

"Treat 3 minutes, nurse 7 minutes " ; "The doctor's mouth, the nurse's leg " , these familiar to the ear can what vivid tunnel gave the phrase of detailed to nurse is important.

"Nursing is responsibility heart, love, patience and the organic union of intellective, physical strength. " nurse a man of insight generalizes the bound so.

A the first hospital of city of Nanjing of old lady occupy, defecate much day is discharged hard, be on duty the nurse wears a glove to give an old lady cut, children hides far, the son does not agree to help an old lady pour defecate even... nurse of old person straight boast is more not bad than one's own children.

"At present the nurse of clinical a gleam of is more ' 80 ' hind those who be born, be in the home is parental a beloved daughter, need not do chore, go to a hospital to have to do the angel of heal the wounded and rescue the dying, again dirty again tired work is gotten on. " deep feeling of matron of wet glad free says the first hospital of Nanjing city.

Nursing is " the skill is lively " , " physical strength is vivid " . Province people hospital nurses the introduction such as department head Gu Zejuan, nurse of clinical a gleam of basically is 3 fall, want on two evening shift every week, big evening shift went up partly at 1 o'clock from night in the morning at 8 o'clock half, little evening shift went up partly at 5 o'clock from afternoon at night at 1 o'clock half, come down one year to want on 100 many evening shift, marriage, domesticity can be affected certainly.

"Some people think, nurse work even if hit give or take an injection, hair hair medicine, this is old idea. " the first hospital of Nanjing city nurses the earth's surface of Dai Xiaodong all with one voice shows sister of surgery of general of hospital of people of department head Cheng Min, province. It is in order to weigh disease custody ward exemple, lung ventilator is used, vein lungs of enlightened, heart anabiosises, open spirit way, case wrestle, suck the rescue such as oxygen, gastric lavage to treat a technology, the nurse wants adroitness control to apply. If the nurse is undeserved good " costar " , the doctor's again good program also cannot come true.

The nurse helps namely in eye of serious illness patient angel. Sun Qi of matron of division of emergency call of the first hospital tells Nanjing city the reporter, to emergency call nurse, the bray of the ambulance is a command, should hear an ambulance only " breathe out " the ground open entrance of emergency call room continuously, know to serious illness patient came, everybody can be entered instantly " the condition that face battle " , have report of good oxygen, heart guards the rescue equipment such as appearance quickly, against time rescue patient.
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