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The person mentality that has a secret is more healthy
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A lot of people have " secret ego "

In last few years, network technology makes the secret world that people can build him in the compose in interconnection space. A lot of net bug have name of a few nets at the same time, in the world of the net, they can act any parts, develop fancy and acting to the top of one's bent.

Dr. Tekeer of American Masschusetts Institute of Technology says, "After in actual life encounters a problem, people is in network world with another kind of identity, go pouring out affliction, drain mood, can ease psychological pressure insensibly, alleviate nervous. Because be in the network,you need not bear consequence for your words and deeds. " on the network you are the another each in person heart actually oneself, this each because depress and oneself is restricted, appear rarely in common life setting, namely your " secret ego " .

Do not have problem of secret and easy occurrence psychology

Psychologist points out, the adult with normal great majority has those who live double life to go qualitative. Imitate others, attempt to act the part that differs completely with oneself, it is the game when dot play house not just. Actually, this kind of longing that alternates to ego part can continue to adulthood all the time. The bottom of the heart of everybody, bury is worn a secret world. Amid, you can allow to be envisaged by yours gallop, portray the role that gives you to want to become. In the secret world that confuses in the knight-errant, master consortium is the swordsman of tender feelings of bone of an a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, travel wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling, kuangfu justice, although reality is medium,he sees the metropolis that kill chicken chatter. Consider to discover, psychological part is acted is very indispensible to the person's mental health. The person of secret without psychology world encounters a problem in gregarious, job or marriage when easier loss ego, become suspicion, depressed. To it contrary, the person that has secret world can find the outlet that abreact in his visional world.

Factitious what has versatility

There is a few to have the person of a few kinds of different identities at the same time really in the life, they and the crowd that do not contact interact, there can be completely different show in different situation. Wennikaote discovers British scholar, much one's previous experience of this kind of National People's Congress is in the life is rich, but severity, dogmatic family. Arrive as a child big, the child must be pressed
Move the contrail that parents has designed grows. Marry after getting married, should become a good man (wife) , good parents, the life of follow rules is lived in other eye. Arrive when curtain of night, or when be away on official business alone, medium other one side can exhibit their heart to come out now, become a disparate person. Some people are in a company by day discretion is close-lipped, love to be in however in the evening bar excessive drinking is roaring. These showed the person's versatility, if can of logical place, also have not cannot, but a lot of people are bearing for this enormous pressure. If the secret is exposed finally, people or face-off, make a choice afresh, or can produce split personality.
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