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What we need is merely " update "
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I like very much " update " this word, I think a person once in the pastGrowAll sorts of moods that form in, acknowledge and behavior continue to use arrive now, once be not coordinated and make reaction highbrow with instantly circumstances, such people can arise to perhaps follow other clash with oneself, occasionally we call thisPsychologyProblem. And what we should do is to update these antiquated to react, and the reaction that forms a kind to answer relatively with instantly, and this is updated namely. We call this previously grow, but growing is very vague concept, a lot of people are not clear grow specific what to point to, and " update " can let a person this easier understanding some. How do the problem seeing below come:
A person in one's childhood the end in the home, want to eat pork once, be scolded by the mother, come down libidinal depression. After be brought up, be about to pork special preference, consider this person early already very rich, capable to have delicacies of every kind, still think pork is the most delicate. Produce big public house of 5 stars class to also have porky hobby thereby.
A person is ignored by family in one's childhood, after be brought up, think the person beside ignores him all the time, become thereby be hostile to, Gu addiction. Consider him very outstanding, everybody very admire him.
A person loses father in one's childhoodLove, after be brought up ceaseless with of all kinds " father " marry, although be brought up,what she needs more is a spouse, a husband.
A girl because suffer like a boy,praise in one's childhood brave, sensible, after be brought up, appear stronger than the man everywhere, although she is,cannot be become femaleQualityAgree with and pained.
Etc. . . . . .
Above is the story of advisory room more very, and each person in real life, who having is not the experience that lived in the past is medium. Who having is not of the problem that the experience that uses the past will come to to solve instantly. And who knows among them a lot of ought to when was means already passed actually? The answer is to do not have very few perhaps somebody to know, accordingly we just can have a lot of conflict, contradictory, anguish. Do not love a mother because of father for instance, we think the gentleman does not love him very easily; Because parents tells us otherwise breaks effort to just do not starve, and the angst that we try hard to just can eliminate a heart desperately all the time; Because be quarrelled to be frightened by parents in one's childhood, conflict also dare be not faced again after be brought up. . . . . . Etc. The experience that we are gone so namely is restricted, make we always cannot stand by joy.
How do we see psychotherapy below help a person:
Format tower therapeutics can let you return the scene that is scolded by the mother through empty chair technology, let the sort of at that time is opposite porky desire is released completely, release special to pork desire thereby, form a kind new to pork, the be fond of of catholicity.
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