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The solilo-quize is helpful for health of body and mind
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German psychologist considers to think, "Solilo-quize " it is the effective method that eliminates insecurity, be helpful for health of body and mind.

If we slightly advertent, can discover a certain person to sit probably ground of someplace act as if there is no one else present solilo-quize, you can feel he is to be being sent " nerve " . Little imagine, as a result of this kind of wrong understanding misdirect a kind of method that solves a problem healthily. Actually, chat to abreact effectively well with ego the undesirable mood such as the dissatisfaction in the heart, depressed, anger and sadness, conduce to eliminate insecurity, restore psychological balance. When your consider carefully is heavy, if the opportunity hears his talk, when raising a few questions to oneself, so you see problem or the possibility that get into a dead end decrease from an angle only.

Accordingly, psychologist people think " solilo-quize " be like next action:

1, the effect that oneself tone has a kind to make a person composed, have the feeling of a kind of safe feeling and human association.

2, loud dialog can adjust ego the disorder feeling in cerebrum, it is especially when nervous overworked.

3, " solilo-quize " OK to a few individual problems easily ego is solved. Resemble treating a friend, settle contradictory conflict one case, place the issue to the desktop to solve, express view severally, in saying process, all sorts of wrong opinion and the possibility be clear at a glance that solve a problem, final decision is easier.

4, the thing ego concern and worry, oneself are told come out with respect to problem of it doesn't matter, the stone that is pressed in the heart can be moved, drive away irritated anxious, achieve psychological balance thereby.

5, can improve Morpheus. Because think hard belongs to confused inner dialog, and " solilo-quize " place bright truth terminable consider carefully, can make Morpheus stable thereby become nightmare less.

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