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How to serve psychological disease and barrier correctly
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The mood that the person is sustaining abasement of setback, incur or insecurity and angst is long-term indelible when, can cause psychogenic disorder and psychological disease. Motherland medicine is in early 2000 fluctuate to affection with respect to cognizant before New Year more too intense, the yin and yang that can cause human body is maladjusted, gas blood is on bad terms, function of internal organs of the body is disorder, healthy atmosphere consume, the evil outside sufferring easily is invaded and cause all sorts of diseases. Be like " angry injury liver, happy event is sad, think of lienal, kidney fearing an injury " etc. Of course, encounter serious setback or be a family member now and then after the incident such as sudden death, the burden on mood and physiology can be eliminated gradually, the body also can restore whack very quickly, do not cause psychological disease certainly. The wave motion that waits for a mood because of scared, anxious, sadness, joyance is brief, the reaction of the generation on physiology also is brief, there is breathtaking stability inside the body, can deal with all sorts of complex, nervous surroundings. Be in high-strung later, had better have a paragraph corresponding slow condition, rest a few days to be able to bring devoid issue. Otherwise, make should stimulate nervous condition to go down continuously, cause psychogenic disorder and psychological disease more easily.

Once produce psychogenic disorder and psychological disease, how should be treated correctly? In the memory of people, put in two kinds of wrong understanding to psychological disease, one is overly fear and scared. Another is to think psychological disease " disgraceful " , let a person detest. Be these two kinds of understanding can make psychological illness more and more serious. Accordingly, want to cure psychological disease, must overcome these two kinds of wrong psychology.

Want to believe those who cure to psychological disease is OK, need not fear and scared. The matter that although build,becomes psychological disease is more complex, period of treatment is longer, the effect is slower, but the respect with remedial psychology more advantageous than treating physiology disease to also have disease. If psychological disease endangers the life of people not easily normally, and need not use for the most part take medicine, need not give or take an injection to be able to cure. Got psychological disease, want to be good at understanding oneself only, strengthen cured confidence, know the basic knowledge of a few concerned mental health, master and use a few effective psychotherapy methods and technology, can cure sooner or later so.

Want to believe psychological disease can prevent. Because be among the life,psychological disease basically is, a few got used to habitual place undesirably to cause, and the psychological disease of congenital heredity is very little. Accordingly, after the ABC that mastered enough concerned mental health when us and method, can prevent the happening of psychological disease completely, promotional mental health.
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