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6 press muscularity into above man psychology
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Investigation of a psychology showed recently, 6 into above male, especially middleaged male psychology has a problem. Be engaged in the expert Zhang Xinlan that male division works thinking all the time, society, unit, family wants physiology of male of care, care, mental health. In the meantime, the male should handle his psychological issue correctly, the attention is strengthened defend, avoid to turn small issue into big question.

Zhang Xinlan thinks, social community is worth exorbitant, parents to hope children will have a bright future to male expectation, the wife hopes the husband hopes into dragon, child father becomes dragon, increase fast life rhythm and the actuating pressure that are full of competition increasingly, make the root of the trouble of disease of city male psychology. Traditional idea thinks, the male has what the career succeeds to just can get authority to admit only. If the work is not great, or appear temporary setback, the pressure of their mentally is particularly great.
Additional, in accepted standard, the male is overmatch, should bear everything, its affect health of their body and mind necessarily as a result. After some males had psychological pressure, often free oneself through a few insalubrious means pained, if smoke, drink, step on the gas, insanity plays electronic game to wait, result pressure did not remove, affected instead healthy.

According to expert introduction, main show is psychological pressure of the male: It is healthy to losing fear; 2 it is fear of a lot of men on-the-job course of study and working respect give an issue; 3 it is the male to oneself force of manual decline, function is anxious abately to want to be gotten more strongly than the female much; 4 it is the concern that constant meeting has a lot of males to be abandoned.
For this, give the male enough psychology " nutrition " very important. Zhang Xinlan points out, most main drive " nutriment " it is love above all; The 2nd it is drain and dredge; The 3rd belief that is adamancy and ideal; The 4th it is good-tempered.

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