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3 action let your autumn mental health
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Sorching summer is about to end, spent " sauna day " , receive with respect to preparation " a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn " . Send you 3 recruit, let you be in autumn invigoration.

Loosen the impulse that can reduce sympathetic, smooth stroke mood, stable mind, can help Morpheus effectively more. Gape, stretch oneself, deep breathing is the relaxation with automatic human body mechanism, the difference depends on degree differring.

The following 3 kinds loosen a law to be able to be done at any time, need 5 minutes only.

   1, biology passes on a law: Sit on comfortable chair, the small hole is small shut, next tine differential, shoulders, open hip, concentration heart annals is static come down, absorption experience muscle ache that is nodded, stimulate slowly adjust it. Catch deep breathing, sensory pulse is jumpy even intestines and stomach wriggles, experience fingerBloodThe feeling that bilges to shrink.

   2, law of muscle degree of tightness: Begin from the head, the eye is shut forcibly, loosen next; The tooth exerts oneself to do sth. occlusive, loosen again; Loosen after fist enclasp; Ordinal analogize arrives the whole body is departmental. The simplest is to rise, forcibly stretch oneself, loosen next, can achieve inside the shortest time loosen the effect.

   3, big character is comfortable law: Show big character form to lie on the bed, be in again neck and pillow of knee lower part cushion, let oneself lie the comfortable, pose that be at ease. Deep breathing, the attune that close a key point ceases, center a volition to move use head of shoulder, finger, toe. Begin to associate from lie low pose, until sitting to standing to be able to be entered at will loosen condition.

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