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Behavior of 9 kinds of moods affects health directly
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The person has hate and desire 6 desire, a thing crux health. Publish in newest first phase " international psychology is physiological " the research article of the magazine says, a week after life, should think of a controversy only this thing, blood pressure still can lift. It is it may not be a bad idea of lofty or bottomless of Ceng Nu fire without giving thought to so, or it is small setback it may not be a bad idea, had better forget it as soon as possible!

Ohio establishs college researcher to give the air extracting device that bleb can produce on the installation on the arm of married couple to have a test, be asked about when them when ever having the problem that intense of different opinion shunt excitation has quarrelled, the rehabilitation rate that cut leaves than normal circumstance became slow 40% , this one reaction is by the immune cell gene that can cause infection unexpected increase be caused by. If level of this cell factor is long-term,on the high side can cause arthritis, diabetic, heart disease and cancer. In fact, behavior of 9 kinds of moods is opposite directly under healthy generation influence.

■ when falling in love

Italy the researcher of the university discovers Paweiya, fall in love can make person the nerve inside a year grows factor level is in heighten condition. The material of this one similar hormone can stimulate new cerebral cell to grow, conduce to neurological refreshment and promotional memory. In the meantime, because love is medium,“ is met make the body and thought are in calm condition by the contented feeling of love ” . Unfortunate is, the nerve after researcher discovers love one year grows the feeling that the Luo Mandi in love overcomes ——— of meeting occurrence fall after a rise in those days meets factor standard not answer existence, person in regain reality.

■ when facing pressure

Be in pressure continuously under when, can appear to depress a phenomenon chronically. Science of Stanford university biology teachs Robert Saboersiji describes · , “ is in called the pressure that runs under when, human body can be shut all long-term mechanisms and restore function. Coriaceous mellow level is long-term inside human body on the high side can make your defense system no longer acute, memory and accuracy drop somewhat, to inbreaking the alarm of content also no longer sensitive, feel more easily tired, the person can become depressed and depressed, reproductive ability drops. If ” is in chronic depression all the year round under, the dextrose in blood and fatty acid can lift, suffer from diabetic the risk nature with heart disease is big also. The newest research achievement of London university still makes clear, pressure still can make level of human body cholesterol rises, also can cause cardiovascular disease more easily.

■ when yock out of control

California city establishs the scientist discovery of the university, laugh can loosen the nervous muscle of human body, the hormone that reduces pressure to cause is secreted, phenomenon of low blood pressure, increase the amount containing oxygen in blood. The cardiovascular experts of center of Maryland university medicine still confirm laugh can make person discharge goes redundant pressure, protect hemal wall, reduce the odds of the heart attack thereby. When the person bursts out laughing, need brings more than 400 muscle inside the body into play, still can use up quantity of heat effectively consequently. Some researcher estimate, the yock is equivalent to 100 times 10 minutes rowing to step on the motion having oxygen of bicycle to measure with 15 minutes.
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