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How is the autumn answered " the mood is fatigued and weak "
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Enter autumn, weather turns cool, grass-blade is gradually withered fall, the regular meeting in popular feeling produces the mood such as blue, be agitated to change accordingly. Because the cerebra in the person is bottom,this is, have a gland system that makes pineal body, can secrete ” of black hormone of fade of a kind of “ , this kind of hormone can be inviting fall asleep, make a person demoralized, depressed not happy. Enough in relief light energy restrains fade black hormone secrete. But after entering Qiu Zhi, illumination time decreases, come up against especially when overcast and rainy is continuous, pineal body secretes fade black hormone relative increase, the exudation of thyroid element, adrenalin can be restrained, human body cell goes slow with respect to meeting “ and lazy ” , the person's mood is grave also inactive, arouse “ sentiment fatigued and weak ” .

The “ sentiment that faces fall is fatigued and weak ” , the expert thinks, want special attention preserve one's health of tripartite face psychology. Because psychology is raised,maintain kilter from spirit, in order to ensure the normal play of airframe function, achieve the goal of the fitness that prevent disease, prolong life.

1, the state of mind that keeps kind-hearted. Because the heart puts kind-hearted person, can maintain imperturbable mentation, this kind of mentation can measure hematic current and the excitement of nerve cell spends shift to groove. Want to have tolerant state of mind additionally, won't good-tempered the person that knows to make excessive demands only, its psychology often is in nervous condition, bring about nerve excitement, vasomotor, blood pressure to lift thereby, make psychology, physiology enters vicious circle.

2, often loosen, do outdoors activity more. Go in nature, accept the bath of sunshine, this can enhance the breath of human body and haemal circulation function, right neurological also have good nutrition and adjust conciliatory action, eliminate bored Qiu Chou. Often loosen the condition that also can allow body and mind to keep at ease and gentle. Loosen the impulse that can reduce sympathetic, smooth stroke mood, stable mind, can help Morpheus effectively more. Gape, stretch oneself, deep breathing is the relaxation with automatic human body mechanism, the difference depends on degree differring. Way of muscle degree of tightness is very simple, suit to do for a long time: Begin from the head, the eye is shut forcibly, loosen next; The tooth exerts oneself to do sth. occlusive, loosen again; Loosen after fist enclasp; Ordinal analogize arrives the whole body is departmental, can achieve inside the shortest time loosen the effect.

3, eat food of ” of “ good humor more. Lotus lotus root, lotus seed, wheaten, licorice, red jujube, longan, these food have the effect that raises a heart to calm the nerves, right angst, depressed very helpful. Banana is the ” of best antidote of a kind of “ of autumn melancholia, because contain a lot ofa kind to call the compound amine of ” of “ good humor among them; Contain a lot ofthe food of the element such as potassium, magnesium and iron, wait like pumpkin seeds or sunflower seed, can improve the mood of the melancholic easily. Can eat the food that a few have effect of invigorate the circulation of blood of be good at head more at the same time, be like fish, egg kind, bean products, walnutmeat, milk, advantageous adjustment mood. Also but take into consideration the circumstances adds the drink such as a few green tea, coffee, in order to improve mood.
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