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Beijing students will be ad hoc recruitment employment counseling to help return
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Overcome the psychological barriers, to seek suitable position is to provide psychological counseling services the main objective. Counselor of the returnees is psychological counseling. With the continuous increase in students studying abroad, the head of the ring gradually faded returnees. After returning to the treatment gap is that many problems encountered in job returnees, thus breeding more psychological problems caused concern in the community. Recently In Beijing to study at a career fair, there has been for the returnees dedicated counseling room, specifically for the returnees to provide psychological problems encountered in job counseling. Counseling room open only 1 hour, there are 10 people waiting in line Consultation. Employment birth of psychological problems returnees Coincidentally, Shanghai Liangcheng Community (street) party work recently the use of community counseling room "spiritual harbor" platform, for returnees to carry out special psychological counseling. "Spiritual harbor" chief Guo Juan said, "Hong Kong spirit Bay, "initially for the elderly, laid-off workers, poverty groups, such as migrant workers to provide counseling. 2008, returnees to be listed as a separate target. Guo Juan said Liang Cheng Village streets in Shanghai, research found that many returnees are now in unemployed status.小朱 31-year-old went to Australia to graduate school, dropped out after returning home due to health reasons, has not found A dream job, think of those he is very worried: "so many years of hard study, why not find even a job?" Friends, parents high expectations of the returnees is increasing the psychological burden. "I am afraid of contact with former friends, afraid that they asked where I now work, but also ashamed to face the folks." Has been studying in the U.S. Xiao Zhou said. Guo Juan said, to "spiritual harbor" consultation, although various forms of psychological problems, but most of all employment-related. "A lot of people start going on about his parents do not get along happily, or husband and wife quarrel Frame found in the work we asked the crux of the problem is the greatest. " Psychological counseling to help overcome the psychological barriers Xiao-Yu, 37, who studied in Japan. Little more than return home, his wife was still in Japan, also responsible for more than a small in Japan but also their mortgage. "After returning home, sent me an interview are some small companies, so I am very frustrated. "Because every month to repay the mortgage, he had to tend to find a job paying jobs, which undoubtedly adds more pressure on yourself. By chance, I came to the small "spiritual harbor" for consultation. Counselor Peida Feng said that the consultation was mainly in the form of empathy. "I gave him a few questions: Do you own What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? If you are the boss, how would this look at their candidates? "These problems have gradually opened more than small-minded, he decided to accept the work of a salary is not high. Pei Dafeng said, matter of fact, many returnees to social expectations is equivalent to its expectation that "returnees is equal to paid," but do not know that they have no corresponding strength and experience to get jobs and pay accordingly. "We offer the most important purpose of counseling is to make clear its position before returnees, consider Abroad." Now, 3 months later, the little I Yijing promoted to director of the company, salary to achieve the desired objectives. Took office, a small I made specifically to Pei Dafeng a message: "Thank you to accompany me through the tough days. " "Flat attitude, practical work, should not ambitious, is returnees job to victory." Peida Feng made a few for the returnees, "Proverbs." Job to maintain a healthy attitude will help returnees For returnees, it is no stranger to the term psychological counseling. "Compared to the general public, they received psychological counseling more to say." Guo Juan said that the current "spiritual harbor" returnees have been provided to nearly 30 the heart Management consulting services to help them overcome psychological barriers. "Returnees job is largely unable to overcome their difficult psychological barrier, the problem once solved, the advantages of their own is easier to highlight it." In her view, not the returnees can not find work Expected but not found in their work, many of which are caused by mental disorders. Peida Feng said, the smooth job, returnees in the job search process to overcome the fear and confusion, maintain a healthy peace of mind. To accomplish this, the returnees must do before going abroad planning. "A lot of students do not understand Out what to do after their own, some of the requirements to meet the parents, some to test a diploma 'gold', know nothing of their own interests, which is undesirable. "In addition, Pei Dafeng that returnees The former can not hold back "returnees to be someone to" the superior attitude, it should be on the domestic demand for talent to do a certain degree of inspection, in order to find the right job direction.