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Counselor Analysis: What do you do most profitable
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Standing fork in the road of life, career of choice is always haunt you, want to work, but also want to make money, in the end what the industry is the best? The following 4 flowers, do you prefer? 1. Kapok 2. Rose 3. Tulip 4. Lily 1. Select "Kapok" Kapok is a very simple flowers, you choose to Kapok, that you are very straightforward, is not playing intrigue people. Dating life skills like you to go straight, and never in the back with a smother children, You do not fit in the business sector, if you have the words of literary and artistic talent, writing to you will be a big money line of business. 2. Select the "Rose" You are a romantic, self-willed and free spirit. Generous living space you're after, you put the best time is spent reciting poetry in the month as illusory. Quite of your artistic talent. Please note: Your chance to make money is not engaged in manual labor. 3. Select "Tulip" You are a sentimental person, you are feeling very enthusiastic. But you have to do things by halves problems, if one day, you can do from beginning to end, meticulous work, you have hope of getting rich. 4. Select "Lily" You are a very strict attitude to life of people. Your life is always orderly, hair will never change, like the clean, high aesthetic and creative skills, advise you to have to pick a good content difficult a job, because you are a standard "Millionaire" Pizi.