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Beijing University of psychological importance of quality education as an impo
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1, Beijing education authorities experts on the Beijing University of Posts supervision and evaluation of psychological quality education. Currently, Beijing has psychological quality education into the basic education of University standard and completed the Peking University, Tsinghua University, Capital Normal University, more than 20 colleges and universities in supervision and evaluation work. Great importance in recent years, Beijing University of Posts and psychological quality of education, building intervention system, improve the emergency response mechanism, in a student dormitory to open "spiritual oxygen bar", building houses a warm love for the students to relax and release the pressure to provide self-service. Beijing is the first psychological attention and quality education to carry out one of the provinces and psychological development of quality education through a "trilogy": from a psychological barrier for minority students for consultation and treatment to the majority of students for psychological health education, to today on psychological quality education to all students. Currently, the mental quality education has become Beijing University an important part of the training system.