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Beijing "Green Apple House" psychological consultation for adolescents
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The country's first "Green Apple House" educational consulting services yesterday in Cherry Street, Chaoyang District, completed, will for the city youth and parents open, Kaishe tea, prints, Ji Suanji and creative interest in courses, and hire professional psychological counseling Members of daily psychological problem for young people "consultation." Next year will also set up counseling programs for parenting. Yesterday, the National Population and Family Planning Commission, Ministry of Education and other units jointly implement the project to start young healthy personality, to help lift the growth of young children in the confusion, to develop good moral sentiment, psychological, behavioral habits, and social adaptability, to improve overall quality of a social cultural education projects. Publicity and education center of China's population of some big announcement this year, both primary and secondary personality in depth interviews and questionnaires. The results show that college students do not plan for the future into account four; junior high school students surveyed, 84% said there will be sadness, depression and anxiety; primary respondents, nearly 50% of students have recently felt anger, shame, shame and other negative emotions grievances and that these negative emotions mainly from parents and teachers to give a negative evaluation. Personality of adolescent health project has been in Beijing "Green Apple House" model for education advisory services base, and was officially opened yesterday. Also, make sure Changping District, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Dalian and other eight areas as a first batch of pilot units.