What is parents -- psychological doctor talks how to agree with parental part
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Quack of a baby drops the ground, meanwhile, the person that bears him obtained a ” of divine and honorable title ——“ parents. The acquisition of the title that all of unripe ” of this and “ comes to looks it is so easy to be like, the talented person that actually only real experience crosses parents can know therein flavor. Otherwise, why so much person has of all ages the comprehension of ” of heart of parents of “ pitiful the world. Be in the China that advocates “ now to give birth to a good ” only especially society, doing father and mother is not a comfortable thing really. family of general city, since the decision want the child to begin, ” of “ accurate parents people began a great and arduous project: Fetal period maintain and prenatal education, of infantile period feed and train, the habitual nurturance of infancy, little period ability is extended, accurate parents of ┄ of ┄ of check erroneous ideas at the outset becomes true parents, young father and mother, middleaged parents, senile father and mother then, they hope children will have a bright future in “ ground of the day after day below the belief that ” or “ look at ” of female Cheng Feng, without complain the ground that do not have regret arduous and busy, what what they expect is to bearing the weight of the children of their gene differs in life each achievement of period.

Look from the history, the children of current society fosters project and past disparate. In short, valued an amount in the past and take seriously now qualitative, slanted in the past at raise and slanting now at teaching. The money that although current family is used at the articles for daily use such as filial milk powder, diaper, dress,goes up and energy are quite considerable, but with the education such as toy, stationery, tuition charge photograph compares a very little. People is in no less than like after problem of dress warmly and ear one's fill is solved, beginning to go after spirit to satisfy, child inner world takes seriously more after parents is satisfying filial physiology to need enrich and perfect. However, the most problem that current parents blames is “ child however child of not obedient ” , “ is bad to be in charge of child of ” , “ to let poll be fond of ” to wait a moment really, this and the parental mental investment to children are not symmetrical. And, such complaining that grow day and day it seems that. Say, today's parents instead won't breeding child?

Regard a psychology as the doctor, the parents that before I often am faced with, will seek a help such problem: How does “ become father and mother? ” is plainspoken, this is an issue that makes both sides awkward really. Because, anyone is not willing to admit he does not know how to do the work that he should do, include to ask me the glorious father and mother of the problem. The backside of the problem is helpless. It is very difficult that the front answers this question, then I often turn the topic to a mainer problem to go up: What is “ parents? ” and the parents that call in discuss, got such a few verdict.
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