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The child is brought up every day, similar such request is increasing also. Play, it is the child's nature, even if be,also still is the desire with person amuse oneself in the baby in swaddle. As parents, how many do having in your time schedule leave the child? Between your close period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am how long? A day of medium which time be paragraph? Fixed? What do you do with darling between close period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am? The hour that yields us to reveal close affection to this makes big check.

"Mom, mom, give me taletelling. Give me taletelling..

"Father, father, we employ a plane. We employ a plane..


Anteprandial warm up

Nuncupative: Sun Guiyong

Darling: 17 months

Main activity: Watch cartoon film, make game, communicate with the child, train their reaction ability.

After coming off work everyday, yao Yaohao bright can develop a doorway. It is father mother without giving thought to first, shout: "Mom! " wait seeing is me when, this ability corrects oneself call father. Two bub, thinking mom all day long so, jealousy is dead I, ah. But, two bub are sweet " father " exit, the trouble on what job, be inferior to meaning, fly to beyond the highest heavens completely.

This lunar age paragraph very important to the temperamental development of children, so, according to the education mode of the child-care centre, I make the game that has rhythm with children every day. Cooperate children's song to make a motion for instance: "Mice, stage of light the lamp, eat oil stealthily, refuse to come down, call mom, mom does not come, the murmur in Ji, boil. " these little game by slow and fast, read rise bright able to read aloud fluently, virtually enhanced their happy sense.

Nuncupative: 玥 玥 mom

Darling: 15 months

Main activity: Taletelling, make game

I am on-the-job mom. Everyday there are 3 hours almost between close period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am. Because darling age is small, so I meet a lot of moment to make up a few simple stories to tell the child to listen oneself according to the picture, still meet the cry of lively geoscience animal, ride when the horse to her even, as far as possible make her personal be experienced. The condition allows to take her to see real thing, make her multi-purpose the sense organ contacts the world!

Small make up comment on: Busy job lets small Mom of a lot of small pa be too busy of attend to and darling get along, this paragraph of time after coming off work then, the relaxation that since works to a day of insecurity, also be a the main chance with darling game. This paragraph of time can do some of campaign that intensity takes with darling, open plane, kickball for instance, pat rubber ball to wait, it is to move to also let darling consume certain physical power, appetite is big.

Meal hind is small rest

Nuncupative: Catalpa peak mom
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