Nearly 10 years parentage and children act impact consider to sum up
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The summary comes nearly 10 years integratedly psychology is mixed to children society behavior about the characteristic of parentage, parentage the influence of social sense of responsibility the research that wait, undertook an analysis to the asymmetry sex of parentage, two-way sex, systematization, the aggressiveness to children, turn over social behavior, close society behavior to wait had relevant research.

Behavior of children of keyword parentage attaching

In the element of a lot of society that in the influence children grows, domestic element is the most important apparently. The society that it is children appears to be mixed the earliest in connection continuously farthest a kind, and the relation between the parents in the family and children is a kind of when be on core position main family concern. The social connection with inchoate and only children may be the relation with parents. Close child after the interaction between and affection relation will affect children to be opposite, the expectation of human relations in society is mixed reaction. [1]

One, the research of parentage characteristic

1. Parentage asymmetry sexual research

From psychological meaning and social natural resources two respects look, parentage is the interaction relation of a kind of asymmetry. [The protection that 1] children needs to get father and mother, bring up, communication, not only infant period is such, although arrived period of childhood, teenager, parents still grows for body development of the child and psychology offer essential condition. The child from food, abode, directive, advice, consideration, affection and discipline and control gain over there parents; Conversely, they also offerred compliant, collaboration, help and the opportunity that contented affection concerns to parents. Apparent, parentage is the relation of a kind of mutual influence.

But the characteristic that this kind of interaction concerns to have asymmetry again, the child and parents hold hope to the other side, however this kind of expectation is not symmetrical: Children needs from what get over there parents, parents often can give inside short time contented, and parents thinks what get from child body to often need the child's long-term effort, and, from the point of of parentage many sided, the child's need exceeded parental need, parents is mostly to the child " beg only pay, do not search take " .

Popularly says, the understanding that what the sociality development of children acquires from inside parentage is pair of authority and the obedience to regulation, and the idea that what acquire from inside companion relation is equality, democracy and the principle of just, collaboration. In parentage, mastering influence and limitation by parents normally, the collaboration of children is obedient to with respect to what mean pair of parents authority and respect. Parents coachs and train the child, of parents of child comply with teach, thereby naturally formed the parents in parentage to have authoritative place. From will look on the whole, the parents in parentage takes dominant place, children is in obedient position, have apparent asymmetry sex. [1]
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