How to develop sweet feeling with darling
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One, the heartbeat that lets the child listen to you. After the obstetrician of experience can be born in darling inside 30 minutes, place baby before puerpera bosom. Without giving thought to new mother at the moment exhausted, should hold in the arms hard hold baby, let him (or she) volt sleeps in your wind on one small become aware. The cuddle after childbirth is right mother child the build and pacifies darling to have get twice the result with half the effort in the future effect of the relation, the expression of darling also can appear accordingly An Tian and loosen. If baby is born hind 12 hours had not lain into mom bosom, make the perplexed and alarmed on darling mood disturbed not only, also can make new mother right " mother " the self-identity move with direct lack of this one part.

   2, as far as possible mother milk feed. Mother milk is the one part of mother love, suck you when the baby, make you full bilge the breast that reachs ache becomes relaxed, new mother again the hair of darling of manage of make use of condition, your meeting induction arrives, mother child the affection between is passed galactic this one passageway, become inseparable.

   3, maintain body contact. There are a lot of new mother economic atmospheres now pretty good, elder brother's wife of 24 hours of months and Yo were asked in the beginning of baby is born baby-sitter, the profit that this one practice brings is, let mom more time rest, thereby easier refection, but the body contact that disadvantage may be Ling Baobao and mom decreases greatly. Many mom besides baby has been adopted when nursing, gang new life bathe, change diaper, do stroke touch hold, hand in go doing by lunar elder brother's wife and baby-sitter, the affection that this also is mom and darling builds the main reason of rein in. Might as well a few Yo the job is received from baby-sitter hand come over oneself are done, have body contact at the same time especially, have at the same time the eyes, utterance and even hum the program that calls communication, if replace darling to bathe, do stroke touch hold, play balloon and small bell to wait a moment together with darling, these reach phonic communication to had made soundlessly mother child close affection grows quickly.

   4, write darling diary to reach collect with the new student relevant souvenir. How to realize darling is God given our the most precious gift? Keep darling growing diary, collect pen of model of the fingerprint that darling grows, base, foetal hair, can make us right " new mother " this one part is full of discovery and surprise, place of the person that happy feeling often is not authorities knows, because " authorities person fan " , but keep darling diary such program, it is to help us the angle from a third party, discovery and review a mother child the moving little detail in the relation, this kind of discovery can make us right the child's arrival, be full of be thankful and glad.
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