Parents, ask you to listen attentively to child sleep
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Parents has such experience, the meeting when the child is sleeping soundly cries for suddenly. Do not be eager to fooling him to fall asleep at this moment, should ask him softly above all: "Baby, what did you dream of? " be listened attentively to seriously next.

The dream is the report of child mood

The thing that the child is to happening by day beside him can produce an emotion, store it in brain, and daydream can help him comprehend these feeling.

Encourage the child to tell about dream come out, can help parents understand the child's sentiment, make response to this. If the child is irritating all the time after fall asleep, think he is short of calcium not simply, or it is tired, thirsty, the reason may be far more complex than these wanting much. Try to wake him up, how do listening to him say, you can discover the important clue that affects his mood.

The dream is illuminative the child's wisdom

Dream besides can help the child alleviate besides the mood, at the same time the intelligence to the child develops and character education also has very big effect. The dream is the tool of a kind of study, the child can find the method that solves a problem in the dream, the dream can help the child achieve progress.

For instance, riding tricycle amuse oneself to oneself when child dream when, he is learning by tricycle subconsciously actually. In the learning process in the dream, his intelligence also got fostering.

The unthinkable dream help to the child achieved people what degree. Two years old of An Qi of half ever dreamed of her to hold father in the arms in Huailian to comfort father. Original, she develops the past among Xiang Ma road suddenly by day, when intentional cross driveway, her father was psyched out. She felt for this compunctious, accordingly, she comforts father in the dream.

Compunctious feeling is the activity of inevitable one part psychology in children life, the dream rose to alleviate, compensatory action. Children psychologist thinks, the dream is alleviative of a kind of psychology, very important to the child's mental health, should use well, develop it.

Listen to the child's nightmare carefully

When the child becomes nightmare, must go helping them. Nightmare is all intense sentiments inside the near future normally abreact. The heart that knows the child is nervous, search an account, help child cools conflict, this conduces to the uneasy mood that eliminates the child casting off the influence of negative sentiment.

In the life, child hard to avoid encounters difficulty, difficulty can bring bewilderment normally. But the child still cannot understand a reason completely, just feel the thing is something wrong first, becoming nightmare is a kind of expression to bewilderment. To the parent, should notice to listen attentively to at that time, encourage him to speak out frightening dream, or adopt other way expression to come out. For instance, the parent can suggest the child uses paper and pencil to describe frightening dream, can help the child drive the devil in the heart so come out.
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