Let children sample the process that grow
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A few days ago an acquaintance looks for my madam to help, do I ask why thing? She says the friend's child works in some bank, because the unit has,help deposit business, ask us to be able to give her the child in order to help, the bank savings that helps him complete this month " the task " .

Like such circumstance I see a lot of, this kind of parent replaces the child to pull " business " the thing let me think of now growing environment of the child. " constitution of · of the analects of confucius asks " in have a such word " of love, can not fatigue? " , all sorts of interpreter version cardinal principle have two kinds of explanations, one kind is love child, can you take care? Still one is plant is love child, can you make they work? I compare apt latter, love the child, should let them work, the pinch that should let them know life is hard, should let themselves experience the joys and sorrows of life in the life, is not an ancient sacrificial utensil of cook of parent Dai Yue, the growing process of privative child.

How be just love child? Is the friend that resembles my madam love child in that way? Although temporary she may help the child be pulled " business " , but in the process that she helps business in help child, lost the chance that lets the child take exercise, in liking nature, close bird teachs fledgling to prey, if kiss a bird not firm is cruel-hearted let fledgling paddle one's own canoe the ground is searched in natureFood, and in the mouth that lets fledgling blindly waiting to kiss a bird to put food in it, the skill of that fledgling can drill only piece of kongfu of a mouth, its future is very be between the beetle and the block. The person's demand presses Ma Siluo to be able to be divided into 5 parts theoretically, the demand of the demand of physiology, safe demand, gregarious demand, valued demand and self-fulfilment. Children are in the working process after entering a society, satisfied the basiccest physiology requirement of food and clothing not just, still as with the society the association of each estate character increased gregarious capacity, and they are returned obtain what unit staff, leader reachs friends to approbate with his achievement, children capture ability of the growth in the opportunity from an another ground success just about, satisfy the requirement that individual value realizes ceaselessly thereby.

This one process is children grow surely the process of classics, perhaps have in this process not a lot of twist, suitable, it is cross even, but this is the accessary attribute in belonging to the child to grow, be like " day " in Bai Yun of blue sky of not only sunshine, have violent storm more, this a lot of life property makes the life of rich and colorful. And because the parent is very fond of, favorite doting even child and privative child is enjoyed (even if affliction is right of the child grow will tell also is to enjoy) the process that grow, it is children undoubtedly the one big regret in life. Parents are carrying the love mask of softhearted affectionately, those who divested children grow is happy, make they lost the ability of take charge of a department alone, lost the life dignity that ought belong to their self-confidence.
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