Father loves to be short of break cause the child not self-confident
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From child quack be born that momently, the first is close to with him is a mother, assume feed, what caress and teach the assignment also is a mother, the important role that regards same breed as him -- father, however often free is mixed at caressing besides educational child, it seems that some are footy. Adage says " child do not teach, of father over- " , father loves be short of break, the disposition that lets the child probably becomes " nutrition " insufficient, produce a few change that cannot expect even.

Father is away on official business for a long time recreant one fears defeat

Walk into advisory room, 4 years old of boys are little strong (alias) the Rong Geling with unfamiliar at sight of, vacate the ground to hide to mom backside, how does aunt of flourish of at one's convenience amuse him, greet sb with him, he does not talk namely, also not look good as result of recieving praise.

"Sufferred a child to bully, he can cry only, dare not revolt; Program of game, performance plays in nursery school, he always hides finally, dare not behave not only, encounter the thing that has a challenge a bit to still shrink back. Encounter the thing that has a challenge a bit to still shrink back..

"Didn't his pa come to the child? "Didn't his pa come to the child??

Explanation of small strong Mom says, because child father works reason, be away on official business for a long time outer. "Return the home even dinner party, the time that gets along with the child is not much, it is my belt. " small strong Mom says, face his father to be away on official business or come back, small strong appear be indifferent to.

Red of red of 5 years old of girls (alias) father often also is away on official business, and she is more repellent to father, reject him to hold her in the arms even. Red red Mom says, the daughter is special fearSetback, if which thing was not sure,do refuse. Go up nursery school, she rejects to attend the class that paint a picture, because this is not her advantage.

Father often does game to be able to enhance gregarious technical ability of the child with the child

"Because father is short of mediumly in growing education,these two children are break, affected mental health and disposition perfect. " Rong Geling says, working busy, do not have time, or in thinking looking after children is the reason such as feminine thing, a lot of children lie " father loves to be short of break " the brim.

However, in domestic education, the mother cannot replace father's action. "Father is the important associate of child play. " Liu Zhenmin says, father often casts the child high case, next catching. The limbs game of these big movements, not only cheerful child, still can foster, the courage that exercises him and exploration spirit.

Common saying says " teach by word of mouth of overweight of teaching by one's own example " , compare with maternal photograph, father has spirit of independent, self-confident, firm, courageous and resolute, rich collaboration to wait for character trait, make the child learns insensibly in game, imitate.
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