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Parentage is our everybody comes to the first worldly human relation, its heart body health to our everybody is very important.

The procuratorial feed that does not have mother or her and attend, new student cannot live go down. This makes a baby produce attaching to the mother. Attaching is the mankind the most initiative also is a kind of affection with the most far-reaching influence, it is health grows indispensable link, be almost the base that all social affection expand. It comes in 56 months normally ninety month is apparently upper come out now, and reach a peak partly to two years old partly in a year old. If not be child cerebra or body development have blemish or obstacle, do not appear the reason of attaching is parentage gives an issue, for example, mother or her agent does not love the child, contact the child rarely, notCaressThe child, do not wait with child communication affection. Agent changes to also make the child cannot produce attaching often. The likelihood after the child that never crosses attaching feeling is grown is become consider his only and be without emotive person to others, become devoid safety possibly also to feel or suspicious overly to the person and mistrustful person, become possibly still have ruinous the person with aggressiveness, wait a moment so.

The child's socialization is to be in greatly close child undertake in interaction. The quality of parentage is deciding whether socialization process is successful, whether to produce obstacle or limitation, also deciding the level that socialization place may reach.

The most important is, the core part of one the individual's character or basic structure, it is to be before school age namely of life original the substantially in a few years finalizes the design. Of course, this also is close greatly child the child of interaction.

The basic need that Ma Siluo says (safe need, love and attributive need, by the need of person esteem and self-respect) had existed in a few years when begin in life. If these need to be couldn't get in childhood,satisfy, spirit can appear such and such obstacle, the evolution of character also can appear obstacle.

To the infant, parental manner and behavior should have around consistency, such, they just can be sure the ground forecasts future, just also can have safe feeling. Children is based on what behavior was allowed yesterday or get applause, they can conclude today's what behavior also can get permission or speak favorably of, they had hope to oneself and future, had safe feeling. We must be made clear, cause menace to children, not be serpent beast of prey, also not be natural disaster change, however the behavior neglect that the person all round has the person that fosters responsibility especially or error. If today's what behavior gets the child,speak favorably of, what behavior is checked, do not depend on persistent mood of parents, and depend on parents at the moment whether
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