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Current, communication obstacle and go against turn over psychological problem to had become our country Qing Shaocheng to grow the biggest obstacle, how help teenage health grow to pay close attention to and had been taken seriously of scholar of all circles expert through all sorts of significant steps. Xiao Dan of children psychology expert expresses, incorrect communication means brings about the child probably to appear human communication obstacle, let child generation go against turn over psychology.

Communicate not free does not blame the child to blame the parent

"We want to understand the what that the child thinks very much, how can ask the child does not say, think him urgently a few times sometimes. " the father of Xiaosu of 16 years old of schoolboys is in face psychologyExpertWhen one face is anxious, his son Xiaosu is being worn always is Guligu is strange, occasionally hold back does not live the fury Xiaosu's father in the heart asks he changes immediately. Can see motionless the child that stands over, the father of utterly discomfited is about to start work. Xiaoming seizes the door under stretch and go, the Xiaosu that did not return overnight after coming back in the heart still hold back is worn at a heat, disaccord pa Mom talks.

This is the real case that a psychological expert tells about to the reporter, "Communicate not free, child generation is gone against turn over psychology, the parent that often is us gives an issue, is not the child's problem " . This psychology expert expresses, have a sentiment when the child or perplex moment, need parental listen respectfully and care, because safe feeling of the child comes from parents to be admitted termlessly, this is the indispensible nourishment in child heart growing process. And parents' undesirable communication means can produce communication obstacle, let communicate cannot continue, let the child generate resentment, go against turn over psychology, defy even.

Heart of child of clever method unlock writtens guarantee

This already became healthy psychology oxygen consideration angelic psychologist tells a reporter, be aimed at actual condition of Xiaosu, he used the very clever method such as crossing-over of such as identity, very fast Xiaosu and the relation between parents got alleviating. This expert suggests to say,

Xiao Dan of children psychology expert thinks, when be being communicated with the child, parents must notice to grow according to the child of each phase different, adjust communication pattern. "Child hour, because lack independent thought, get along with authoritative viewpoint and child the question is not big, after but become the child,having absolute idea, still come with old thinking certainly child produces clash necessarily. " Xiao Dan expresses, once encounter the problem that cannot solve, the parent can appeal to psychological expert.

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