Human association is basic intelligence of the child
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Human association is a kind of basic intelligence. 2 -- 6 years old are the crucial period that human association intelligence grows, the child of this age, when mom falls ill, can those who experience mom is understanding, afflictive, and say the speech of a few cares; To the contradiction that appears in game process and dispute, can learn to control exclusive, hoggish think of a way, can talk things over jointly with other etc. Committee of 21 centuries education puts forward international, human truck capacity is one of 4 pillar of education, state of the human association skill with inchoate children, association can affect the human relation of its future, self-esteem deeply, live happily even.


Fine jade fine jade constant a person stands silently in the corner, anxiously ground looks at other child to play game happily, envy already expect again, hope which enthusiastic child can invite her actively to play game.

Bei Bei is in the home glib, the child with neighbour also can an amuse oneself, but once go out outside, appear overcautious and recreant however, dare not call a person, often hide in mom's back.


Overcautious and recreant, bashful be shy with strangers, dissocial shrink back. This kind of child likes to interact with familiar person only at ordinary times, appear recreant before stranger with hesitation, and often mix to the complexion of other utterance is very sensitive, get hurt very easily in human association.

Close child proposal:

1, the parent answers as soon as possible undertakes to its " psychology breaks breast " . Grow the left and right sides when the child, when having certain independent capacity, should give him a simple schedule, make him clear, domestic member has when gathering, when also having respective job, game, cannot disturb each other between each other. The child " psychology breaks breast " as soon as possible undertakes, conduce to them producing the motive that interacts with the companion not only, and it is to promote what its independent character develops " crucial strategy " .

2, playmate of help child associate with, encourage them to interact, give him the power of free choice playmate. Parents often can ask a few children to arrive home in play, let them one case game, hear a story, sing, dance, child of picture picture, progressively education and the habit that the companion interacts.


Run run to play in the home with the child, to contend for a toy, two individual brawl rise, run run angry cry aloud: "Also forbid you to played to my home again later. " should roll out the child the door.


The child's first association can appear a few chilly attitudes, e.g. , "Do not want you to come in my home " , or both hands rolls out the child, or the toy in loot others hand, or a person occupies one pile him toy by force, do not wish deal out others. These undesirable manners, have a plenty of the result that gets adult effect. If become terrestrial clodhopping rebuke, quarrel to be able to infect the child.
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