Why does introvert honest person turn homicide into devil
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■ the editor talks

A few days ago, schoolboy of a discontinue one's studying enters the 2nd middle school of city of state of Guangdong province thunder education building, hold a knife to be in early or late 3 classes are indoor do violence, cause a schoolboy and a female unripe death, a teacher and abdomen of a student are weighed by thorn. Do violence person jump down from 6 buildings subsequently, also do not treat finally die. The campus murder case with this rare picket shook social all circles immediately, people can'ts help associating to the murder such as the Ma Jiajue that happens in campus likewise in recent years, Zhao Chenghui, they have a common characteristic, be a murderer then is introvert even dissocial, the impression that gives authority at ordinary times is simple minded, devoir. So, is what frank and factitious He Huigan gives a kill without blinking an eye bloody Where is big case?

■ the indrawn person that suffers a setback can develop screwy psychology, abnormal mentality continuously

Introvert and dissocial person disease of sex of obstacle of mood of the easiest generation, with the mood remarkable and abiding low for main symptom, and companion has change of corresponding thinking, behavior. This moment produces confict of interest extremely easily with other, its mood is irritated extremely easily also, erupt the gender is strong.

Most teenager murderer is mood crime. They have mostly frustrated experience, learning orThe lifeThe respect is like person meaning very much, human communication is difficult, be mocked, be fed up with, be despised to wait. These can be considered as the setback that place of a person suffers, and the generation after the setback atttacks psychology, ought to be a kind of reactive normal psychology, OK and proper vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame at content, OK also vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame at the person. But if retaliate this kind of psychology to develop continuously then ceaselessly dash forward impose charge, become screwy psychology.

This kind of mood crime has clear plot beforehand process, progress goes down to become abnormal psychology even. They commit the crime the method is very abominable, cruel, often do not have specific target. A few the injured party and convict do not have enemy without bad luck; Still have a plenty of the suicide of broaden the scope, oneself want dead to look for person be buried with the dead even.

■ blow of feud of childhood scar, family, life brings about dissocial disposition easily

Cause the reason with human dissocial case to commonly 3 plant likelihood:
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