Loving episode is the expression of psychological angst
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For the angle from development psychology, those love the person that breaks other talk, probable it is to was not finished fromAdolescenceThe phase that ego transfers to adulthood, did not seek the role of accurate ego in the society, ego agrees with undesirable psychological angst to bring about them to interrupt others in chatting with other ceaselessly, repeat the conversational mechanism of the sort of self defense of adolescence ceaselessly.

The feeling that they pay close attention to ego heart overly and think the person all round can understand him not quite by accident, the sense of reality that also can take care of others so not quite suffers, and they often are met misinterpret others, think everybody is opposite oneself gesticulate, make frivolous remarks about sb, so, the talking way that changes selfishly became defense of their a kind of self and protective mechanism.

Want to solve this problem, we are about to adjust ego to agree with a mechanism ceaselessly, achieve a kind of benign self-identity. In the meantime, when wanting to interrupt others, remind oneself " the chance that gives others a few expression more, find the resource that ego develops from which, obtain human double win " . If this kind of person is encountered in the life, you can give them the chance that a few ego convey more at first, listen attentively to his viewpoint, allude him with the language next, "Can I say now? " you are OK also and well-meaning remind him, "When hoping I say, you do not want episode first, ? " the human communication way that this kind of means can remind him to adjust his, communicate more smoothly with other.

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