"Curtilage female " frighten and trouble
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Li Xin of 28 years old like that (alias) before is Changsha the salesperson of company of a beverage, she needs marital company where without giving thought to nowadays, hook up even the toilet is not exceptional also. But, she tells a reporter: "This kind ' always together ' alien says is us ' conjugal love ' , only actually ourselves just knows a kind to this is ' painful ' . Only actually ourselves just knows a kind to this is ' painful ' ..

On March 30, below the reporter's company, li Xin undertook with Liu Yongcheng of expert of association of psychology of the Changsha City like that face-to-face communication. In the expert's eye, plum the symptom that joyfully is " disease of dread free from worries " expression.


Half an year closes scared crowd

I am Changsha person, after the university graduates, below the effort of family, find job of a sale eventually. However after two months, I chose abdication marriage because of the ado of good lubricious boss. Anyway, lunar income of the husband has 10 thousand yuan, enough we in Changsha this medium city lives easy and comfortable life.

After marrying, I get online comfortably everyday, now and then do cook, the habit that shops repeatedly give up, what should buy to shop on the net directly. such, I stayed in the home about half an year, the man looks no less than going to eventually, he forces I go out to buy a few shirts to him.

My strong wears what courage hits to come to the shop. Look at before congested crowd, I produced a kind suddenly to frighten ineffably, breath is accelerated, feel oneself were about to choke, and leg criterion wead and limp is faint. After the cold sweat that gave a single person, I am good called a car not easily to return the home in. The shirt still was not bought.

Last month, the child of a kin comes to my home play, the husband works overtime, stem from safe to the child consideration, I sent him to come home. Road Central Plains this everything is normal, but when my one individual walk home, I am abrupt consciousness is ambiguous. Colour of sky is late already at that time, still issueing rain, when the husband 4 hour hind find me in roadside when, I already the whole body is drenched initiated high fever.

After having this experience, when going out again, I always am met very fear, tremble all over even, the husband is forced for me off. Now, hook up I also should let closet his for company.

Raise action

Loosen training to let curtilage female " desensitization "

"The psychological disease that this is a model ' disease of dread free from worries ' , happen at sealing oneself for a long time to shut the crowd that rise more, for instance popularity lives in the home now ' curtilage female curtilage male ' , this kind of crowd is special want vigilance disease of this kind of psychology. " Mr. Liu Yongcheng once had recieved many " disease of dread free from worries " disease suffers from, "But, li Xin is the illness that I had seen at present is the most serious like that. Li Xin is the illness that I had seen at present is the most serious like that..
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