Yang Jia is raided alarm psycho
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Raid in Shanghai alarm in the case, hearsay says Yang Jia is beaten up by the police lose fecundity. But very fast this one hearsay is denied by police, and " rumormonger " already was captured. Here, my reason lets me judge the merit of all these hard. But the material according to there is not demur now, can have been opposite homicide psychology of Yang Jia undertakes an analysis.

Bicycle of interrogate and examine such incident can't make bloodguilty stimulation or fuse probably to a lot of people, the reason has 3: Bi of Ang of  of Ju Ya of  of  of show off bluff makes fun of Yan An of  bifurcation  hold location of the cook and stir other shovel of  of  of  of bad to joke of  of Dun of carbolic ず a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct dare cut Mao of hack of male harmonious of chasm of  of  of  of bad a surname of  of brandish core  into parts in all  Mi of Quan of Bi of the Huaihe River

Look from the material that media publishs, yang Jia disposition is dissocial, and leave other in the parents when its are 12 years old. Disposition is dissocial person have intense ego attention mostly, proper pride is stronger, these people often have tremendous creativity, but be hostile to possibly also in sufferring harm to outside generation. I do not think Yang Jia has at the beginning ruinous, this loves to see a book can be judged from him. But the makes a proper pride stronger from different person that unfortunate is parents had a kind of feeling be abandoninged. Be thwarted of life latent capacity, naturally generation is ruinous. Look from the data, do not eliminate Yang Jia to have obstacle of some kind of character, but not be the psychological allergy that some people place says absolutely.

A proper pride passes strong person, let him be in psychological weak force before the world. Proper pride loses by force with psychology when the contrast of situation brings about him to live in defend psychology, adopted step should compare average person acuteness. Accordingly, butcher is in only meet with repeatedly enroach on and acedia when ability will be right trespasser undertakes retaliation, dan Yangjia however need not when this kind of acedia life condition, fruit hind is not had in appeal, he is in mentally is already acedia. On psychology, we can weigh butcher and Yang Jia for despair model retaliation, but go up in sociology, butcher is, yang Jia is not however.

Yang Jia follows the distinction of butcher, be opposite at them the self-identity psychology of enroach on is different. Butcher often drives by city canal, because of a variety of reasons, they had been opposite this kind their enroach on rationalize, dan Yangjia agrees with this kind of enroach on hard however. The recording that this announces from police place can look as clear as dayly. Yang Jia has legal consciousness very much, this is shown fully at 2 o'clock, it is him what did not make an issue not this kind of police is opposite rationalize the citizen's interrogate and examine, 2 it is he serves as Peking Man, be in Shanghai is not before the police without psychological advantage. Just about this at 2 o'clock, the psychology that analyses with above decided a series of action at the back of him together.
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