Vigilance case is changed suddenly
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Psychological feature, disposition is a person the feature such as means of the individual action mode that comes out in the expression in the process with environmental interaction, thinking and mood reaction. For instance, quiet and composed, mood stabilizes some people, some people are energetic, have a hot temper, some person disposition are recreant and effeminate, careful, these are the report of different temperament, disposition.

The formation of disposition and genetic element and social element are concerned. The difference of person and person differs somewhat when be born. For instance: Some babies are lively good move, cry is resonant, some babies are unruffled halcyon, voice is small recreant, these main decisions at genetic element. On this foundation, below the influence of element of environment of some kind of society, disposition is formed gradually, stabilized basically in 18 years old or so, produce big change very hard. Saying says " country changes easily, nature moves hard " it is this truth, unless be stimulated by great psychology, just produce disposition to change likely. If somebody investigated those to be imprisoned for a long time the person in Nazi concentration camp, a lot of people in them appeared dissocial, suspicious, mood is flabby wait for disposition to change surely. If do not have major psychological event, occurrence disposition change matters probably with the disease. A case sees below.

Small jade this year many years old 20, it is the girl with individual character lively and optimistic, lovely case. Considerate to parents in the home filial, concern with the colleague in the unit harmonious. But, recently this paragraph of time, with thing discovery she seemed to change like a person, say josh to laugh together with everybody no longer, however often a person hides in the corner, the job often makes mistake, go to work to often also be late. Parents also discovers she becomes silent, did not wish to talk with parents. At first, parents thinks she was brought up, intentional thing, did not care about. Spent a few months, small jade appeared clear mind is unusual, abracadabra, say to have vital part of a lot of people she, say she is not parental one's own, sometimes a person is indescribable ground laugh. Parents takes her went to a hospital, the doctor is diagnosed for " schizophrenia " .
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