Cheesy " double-faced person " it is anxiety actually
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Handsome the senior management white-collar that is a famous foreign enterprise, he is wearing famous brand business suit by day, do fastidiously the ground goes going to work, he of working circumstance is the business backbone of the company, it is the diamond Wang Laowu that everybody envies. But every time curtain of night arrives, he can change the shirt of gaudy, walk into an another domestic public house, with flirting be laughing and playing of belle of of all kinds, mad play a late night. Such life maintained nearly two years, gradually, noctivagant after coming home, handsome begin to feel gutty cannot of untangle mix emptily alone, be forced to appeal so at psychological doctor.

In recent years, picture handsome seek advice to psychological outpatient service so " double-faced person " have add much climate gradually. Although psychogenic disorder level is different, their expression is different also, for example some of person likes particularly in the evening bubble, skip enlighten, some people wait badly to excessive drinking, but " double-faced person " often have a few common characteristics, they are basic it is tall, essence of life, pointed white-collar, intelligence quotient is particularly high, have source of very good education setting, income and social class. Narcissism is compared on character, consider oneself is great-hearted, they do not put average person in the eye. However, this kind breaks away from lay mood to be conveyed very hard at ordinary times, can suffer repulsion socially otherwise. Accordingly, they must depress days oneself great-hearted, individual character yielding at social morality.

Live like Everyman, "Double-faced person " feel depressive in the heart, in the meantime, the capability that the ego in their individual character protects is very strong, sensitive and flimsy, and their economic condition, social class, make them sufficient protect them heart world conditionally again, do not let others enter easily. So, they maintain balance of this kind of psychology constrainedly by day, but the real individual character that hides oneself after all, can bring very great pressure, so they need to go special place, come with special kind drain.

"Double-faced person " first phase, they often can be intoxicated, this kind of part acts devote. When living because of pass the night, everybody each other are unfamiliar, no matter what do, can bring the pressure of morality, publicly not quite, also won't affect the professional figure that its establish in the job. But time one long, a lot of people begin to feel sky is empty, dull. Once encounter incident of a few lives, when the blow that goes up like affection, family, career, impose heavy psychology burden suddenly, make their occurrence psychology breaks down possibly.
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