Duty field " applepolish " it is psychological disease
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The love for lack of parents is on fawn on it is to want to search inner balance below bully

Beside look around oneself, everybody has come up against the sort of is opposite the leader is fawned on, the colleague of fawn on, if will " applepolish " the definition is reach behavioral suit with language, expression the word of the behavior at others, in social life people has more or less " take others horse wind " or " by others applepolish " experience, but if be sedulous to the leader fawn on, acerbity to colleague and inferior acuity or niminy-piminy, extremely use up the what one is particularly good at that inhospitality bullies " lackey " , be a kind of morbid state.

Normally the applepolish on the meaning is not psychological problem

"Look look, look, this suit is worn go up in fourth director body, resemble be for you design simply, this is small turndown suit round face most, this colour collocation lets you appear young at least is 20 years old, who should say is not, I and he is urgent! " the friend speaks of an unit a male colleague flatters female boss comes, delimit with respect to comparing of hands or feet, deduce the work in the same placing's movement, expression lifelikely. The fellow says, actually, everybody thinks, already the person does not suit that suit to the fourth director of grow stout of middleaged, body, and that color more those who showed her is fat, but the friend's colleague, also be an employee of fourth director at hand, can match what suit says with boss however flawless, not only such, the small move with any big sesame seed wants fourth director to be exaggerated to be by this male colleague " watermelon " , and manager of Tian Changding of with the passing of time is willing also bear. The friend says, this male colleague is issued by big family property in laugh at for " lackey " .

"Applepolish " , people appears to its feeling very delicate, when taking others horse wind, more or less to have in most popular feeling some at odds, uncomfortable, by person applepolish when, first when still can boycott, and if be patted,reached urticant point, that at ease interest also makes person benefit from endless. In duty field, almost everybody is patted pass and be patted to cross equestrian fart, such as " you are so young gain so great success! You are the most beautiful girl in the company! You are undeserved the leader is a company simply is impolitic! You this cravat and business suit match out and away... " want somebody, advantageous beneficial to have applepolish only.

The Shi Zhanbiao's researcher of institute of psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences says, applepolish more it is people to give others outer part, win human sympathy, this kind of designed behavior is a kind of strategy in human association, also be the inspissation of social culture phenomenon, provide catholicity extremely! Normally consequently the applepolish on the meaning is not psychological problem. But, if a person regards applepolish as,live must, without any purposes and pat fine long hair is insignificantly, make oneself are immersed in corner word again, that is a kind of morbid state, see the person is patted especially, it is pat in " equestrian hoof " those who go up to also do not turn round is super " lackey " , undertake psychotherapy instantly with respect to need!
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