What cannot bear in life is light -- commit suicide
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The mankind should face death sooner or later, ever someone speaks suicide: Should report for duty anyway, why to want do that urgent?

It is ill that a lot of people think only the organic disease of the body has ability, and mental health often suffers negligence. In fact, the person ability with only healthy body and mind calls the person of “ health ” . 

Do not ignore your psychological issue, care your family member and friend, not when they suffer from on serious luscious illness just remembers a doctor, not when they abandon life just coming regretful, begin from now, do the person of a mental health. 

Phenomenal suicide is fierce at AIDS

The investigation data that comes from research of Beijing psychology crisis and interpose center shows: China has suicide of 287 thousand person every year to die about, the L/3 that is population of world suicide total death is strong. From the point of statistical result, present a 3 tall distributinging features. From the point of district, the rural area is higher than the city. The suicide of 90% produces the whole nation in the country. The 3-4 that rural suicide rate is urban suicide rate times. From the point of the age, young is taller than old people. 1998, the suicide is China 15 years old the number one cause of death to 34 years old of age group, 19% what hold sum total of corresponding crowd death. From the point of sexual distinction, the woman is taller than the male. The suicide of foreign male leads 3.6 times be a female, and only alone rate of Chinese female suicide is higher than the male, woman of village of its middle peasant compares a city again tall 3 to 4 times, the suicidal circumstance of this and western country differs completely, be in a few more Euramerican country, suicidal scale of the male is a female at least 3 to 4 times. Besides, still have the person that make an appointment with abortive of 2 million suicide every year. In national death reason, commit suicide already head of prep close behind is hemal disease, bronchitic with chronic emphysema, liver cancer, lung cancer later, exceeded the AIDS of turn pale at the only mention of sth terrible of Cengling common people, the platoon was in the 5th. And international is accepted, the suicidal mortality that the system of cause of death that register reports compares actual suicidal mortality even low.

Another group of data criterion more people rings alarm bell noisy, in the cause of death of the 15 teenage crowds that come 34 years old, 26.04% what lose life because of committing suicide, it is chief reason. Statistic makes clear, our country has 30 million psychology to have the adolescent of the problem, the undergraduate that has the problem such as angst uneasiness, horror and depressed mood holds student sum total 16% above. University campus makes the tall hair region of teenage psychology disease, main psychology disease suffers from originate heavy school work pressure, obtain employment pressure. Research data makes clear, in statistic of young suicide rate, undergraduate prep above is general youth, key university prep above is general university, undergraduate students of graduate student prep above; In the meantime, the suicide took the 20 first places to reason of death of 30 years old of youths.
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